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IGM FX broker information



Year of foundation




Minimum deposit

$ 200

Maximum income

Is not limited

Compensation at a loss



U.S. dollar

Interface language

English, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish, German, Swedish, Czech

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trading signals


Mobile trading


Deposits and withdrawals

Visa and MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller

IGM FX official website

Official website of the company

When choosing a reliable and trusted broker, you need to pay attention to certain points:

  • year of company registration;
  • the percentage of positive reviews on large forums and Internet services;
  • the amount of commissions for transactions with assets;
  • range of financial instruments;
  • manufacturability of the trading platform;
  • the possibility of automatic trading using robots;
  • withdrawal speed and replenishment of the deposit;
  • the minimum monetary threshold for opening an account;
  • content of the official site.

As you can see, there are a lot of nuances. It is very easy to get lost in them, especially if you are just starting your journey as a specialist in asset trading in the market. In order not to run into an unscrupulous partner, I suggest that you familiarize yourself with a detailed review of one company that has every chance of becoming an effective trading assistant. This time we will focus on the IGM FX broker. I have met mostly good or neutral reviews about him. So the firm needs to be taken apart literally brick by brick in order to form a definite opinion about it. I'll start by analyzing the official website of the project.

igmfx site

By the way, I will immediately warn you that all beginners should pay attention primarily to brokers that support automated trading. While you are learning all the intricacies of technical and fundamental analysis, the robot will begin to slowly earn money by increasing the start-up capital. The most convenient way to use a forex robot Abi... This will save you money and time while gaining experience in the field of stock trading.

The IGM FX website basically has everything a young (and not only) fighter needs. I did not find any dark spots in the biography of this broker to say with confidence about the fraud. This is not a one-page fake ready to disappear after a week. The company has been operating since 2001. The site is interesting, bright, with a good structure and fullness. It can be seen that the resource is alive and constantly monitored by the project managers.

A lot of useful information is placed directly on the start page. Here you can also find data on the latest asset movements, a brief description of the package of premium services for VIPs, contacts for contacting technical support. It even has an online chat, which is rarely found with modern brokers. Most are limited to phone and email.

And now a few words about the disadvantages. I have not found anywhere legal information about the agreement concluded with the trader, although the site contains sections "About us" and "Legal regulations". Everywhere there are only colorful ads describing the benefits of IGM FX. Reviews on the broker claim that all data can be obtained on an individual request from technical support. Most likely, this is true, but initially it is not very prudent to hide the agreement from the eyes of potential customers. More often than not, this only triggers alertness, not a surge of trust.

Another interesting point. Despite the availability of a translation into Russian, the Russian Federation is not included in the list of countries with which IGM FX works. Strange, isn't it? Why, then, is this language needed on the site at all? In general, I did find some oddities on this Internet portal. Although this is not a confirmation of some kind of divorce on the part of the broker's management.

IGM FX platform

This company chose to give its customers at least a small, but still a choice. You can independently decide which of the two available terminals to start working with: MT4 or Webtrader. They both have a similar interface, although the first option is preferred by a larger number of investors due to its reasonable popularity.

igmfx platform

The platforms work perfectly in a browser without first downloading and installing on a computer. Both have a nice mobile app. By the way, the functionality is no different from the full version. Here you can not only observe the movements of assets on the market, but also participate in trading.

In general, everything is clear with MT4. There are a lot of graphs and tables for visual display of incoming data. What is the Webtrader platform? She also has several significant advantages:

  • the transaction is carried out in 3 mouse clicks;
  • there are tools to control risks and capital;
  • access to 160 assets;
  • limited orders;
  • cross-platform trading.

Looks modern and understandable even for a beginner. At any time you can contact the project managers and ask them an exciting question. According to the majority of clients of this broker, the specialists work here are very competent.

IGM FX registration

It takes about 5 minutes to register an account, no more. To get started, you only need to enter your last name, first name, email address, phone number, and also come up with a password. The more reliable the combination, the more difficult it will be for attackers to get into your personal account and steal money from there. Although the broker offers a really high degree of protection for personal information, I advise you not to ignore the opportunity to once again secure your deposit.

igmfx registration

At several subsequent stages, the system will ask you to fill out a more detailed questionnaire. This is necessary to comply with tax laws. For example, every trader is obliged to prove the legality of using his card account. This is standard brokerage practice.

IGM FX trading account types

The set of statuses for the account is standard here. You can choose one of the following account options, depending on the lump sum deposited:

  • silver;
  • gold;
  • platinum;
  • vip.

The surprise is that the site does not indicate the limits for opening each account. This is also mentioned by customer reviews. IGM FX announces the minimum thresholds after registering a personal account. Silver status can be obtained by making a deposit of at least $ 200. Then everything is negotiated individually with each trader.

igmfx account types

The larger the contribution, the more favorable the trading conditions the broker offers. The size of the commission is reduced, the help of a personal manager appears, SMS signals, full reviews of the work done, exclusive webinars. Looks good. Although the lack of a monetary framework is still somewhat embarrassing.

Trading with IGM FX broker

In this case, I did not find any complaints against the company. The site is literally crammed with a wide variety of professional articles. Even if before you were not familiar with the terminology at all, now there is a chance to find out all the details, even about each financial instrument separately. The IGM FX website has available video courses, professional literature, futures expiration calendar, seasonal report and important economic events. In short, I don’t want to trade.

 igmfx trading

The broker provides access to all currently existing exchanges:

  • metals;
  • raw materials;
  • indexes;
  • virtual coins;
  • currency;
  • products.

There are a lot of assets, there are also chances to earn. Everything is in order with the technical support of transactions. You can safely try yourself as a trader.

Deposit and withdrawal of profits of the IGM FX broker

The firm did not skimp on partners to implement the movement of finance. Here you can choose not only standard banking operations or plastic card accounts. Fast money transfer systems are also available for every user of the IGM FX broker.

Do not forget that in addition to the commission for withdrawing the profit received, there is a percentage for crediting money to a deposit. But here it is not the broker who makes money, but the partner through whom the transfer is carried out. To be aware of the size of the commission, as well as the timing of the execution of the application, first read the rules of the selected system.

IGM FX Broker Reviews

There are not so many of them on the Internet. However, the fact of not only enthusiastic and grateful messages is encouraging. If so, I would have the impression of custom-made comments. There are always one or two people who have not tripled something. For example, they did not study the user agreement in detail, and then began to resent the presence of a spread. I have not found any complaints about fraud, so, in fact, there is nothing to be afraid of.


Broker IGM FX is a standard professional market participant. The company doesn't offer any super favorable trading conditions or mind-boggling leverage (maybe it's for the best). But I think you can try to work with her. The firm has earned a lot of positive feedback from practicing traders who you can trust.