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English, Russian, German, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish

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InvestMarkets official website

Official website of the company 

While researching the variety of brokers, I discovered a very interesting resource (what kind of project it is, I will tell you below). At first glance, the company looks unremarkable. However, its relative popularity among professional investors led me to conduct a detailed analysis of the firm. And I started, of course, with the official Internet portal.

At first, the compatibility of the local platform with most automatic assistants, including free ones, caught my eye. This is a sure sign of the presence of high technologies, since in exchange trading without robots Abi now just nowhere. They help novice traders to comprehend the basics of investing and learn all the subtleties of technical analysis. Trading manually from scratch, as you know, is extremely difficult.

investmarkets site

The site is done quite neatly. The menu is well built, you don't have to look for anything. The button for contacting technical support is located on the right, already on the start page. Animated ads are presented only in the form of a running line showing exchange rates. Therefore, the resource loads quickly and without any complaints. Apparently, the server is dedicated here, which probably ensures uninterrupted trading even at high speeds.

I'll go straight to the pluses I discovered:

  • a lot of information useful for clients (a dictionary of basic terms, an explanation of technical and fundamental analysis, webinars from practicing investors);
  • color combination in the interface pleasant to the eyes;
  • choice of language, which makes working with the site as convenient as possible (and it also indicates the broker's readiness to contact the target audience from Russia);
  • economic calendar;
  • answers to the most frequently asked questions from users (FAQ section);
  • information about the company's license is publicly available;
  • the ability to trade cryptocurrency.

This is all pretty good. But there were some negative aspects. In the process of analyzing the InvestMarkets website, reviews of which I saw on almost every trading forum, I found the following dubious nuances:

  • with customer support, you cannot chat in real time (you have to either call or write a letter to the mailbox);
  • it is not clear where exactly the headquarters of this broker is located, since, according to the information on the first page, it is managed by two legal entities from different countries at once;
  • it is not possible to display the user agreement and official documents of the company (color pages without text appear all the time);
  • you cannot find out more about the affiliate program before registering.

So far, I cannot give any review regarding the InvestMarkets broker. There are moments that worry me. Although it really looks like a small technical glitch. Not a single site is immune from this.

InvestMarkets platform

There will be no headache with choosing a terminal. The broker does not have its own program, so he took the time-tested MT4 as a trading platform. If you are already familiar with trading firsthand, it means that you are aware that this particular application is considered one of the most popular among modern investors.

MetaTrader4 has a ton of useful built-in functions:

  • the ability to quickly and accurately analyze current market prices;
  • drawing up short-term and longer-term forecasts;
  • tracking emerging trends;
  • the ability to use automatic robots;
  • three types of different diagrams with visual display of information;
  • more than 50 technical indicators.

Basically, it has everything you need for a profitable investment. This is a smart choice on the part of a broker who wants to provide their clients with the most high-tech software. I have no comments on the platform.

investment markets platform

If you are not yet a specialist in using MT4, there is a special section on the site where you can find out in detail what it is. also allows you to download the correct version of the terminal for your tablet or mobile phone. For conservative users, there is an option to trade directly in an Internet browser on a PC. At the same time, the power of technology and the amount of memory are not important.

Registration in InvestMarkets

At this stage, you can immediately choose which account you want to start with. Players with no experience usually start with the demo. Professional traders have nothing to wait for, so you can immediately register a real deposit. Although I would advise you to pre-work out any new strategy in a test mode.

A few words about the registration itself. Everything here is simple and as transparent as possible, I did not find any dirty tricks. Personal data is protected by the SSL Secure system, which you can unequivocally trust. Usually it is chosen by brokers who have been successfully existing for more than a dozen years.

investment markets registration

To create an account, you must fill in the fields in a special form. Do not forget to tick the box confirming your age of majority. This is a prerequisite for working with InvestMarkets. Customer reviews claim that in case of violation of this clause, the account will be blocked once and for all, since we are talking about legislation, according to which it is strictly forbidden to carry out trading operations for persons under 18 years of age.

Types of trading accounts with InvestMarkets

I'll tell you a little about the types of accounts here. The company relies on spreads that are relatively low compared to their closest competitors. And the higher the account status, the more profitable it will be to make trading operations. In total, you can choose from 4 deposit options:

  • basic (from $ 250);
  • gold (at least $ 25 thousand);
  • platinum (starts at $ 100K);
  • VIP (at least $ 250 thousand).

I cannot say that this is an exclusive offer. This can be found in almost every broker. But the pips are really good. In addition, the firm promises excellent leverage to anyone who registers and starts trading here - 1: 500. If you have never conquered the exchange, do not rush to aim at borrowed funds. If you play only for your own, then risk management is much easier. In the case of leverage, you can imperceptibly lose everything at once.

investment markets account types

In general, the conditions for all types of accounts are almost identical, which is a bit strange given such a large difference in the minimum threshold for initial replenishment. In addition to reduced commissions, high status is also entitled to free withdrawals. VIP clients can receive their earnings without any commissions at all. Basically, it sounds attractive. However, it would be worthwhile to come up with something more original, so that more people would like to invest their money here.

Trading with InvestMarkets broker

The modern platform allows you to work with a large number of assets. A separate plus for the cryptocurrency. Many modern companies lack this. Even if you are just starting to learn trading, the site has a large number of reference materials regarding each financial instrument.

investment markets trading

There is a calendar of leading economic events here, and even with a forecast of the market reaction. Do not forget to close all positions before the release of such news, so as not to catch a sharp trend reversal. This also applies to robots. It is better to turn off the automatic mode during this period so that the inertia assistant does not break the wood.

Explore trading charts, build forecasts, and draw analytical conclusions. It's very simple with the MT4 platform. There is also an opportunity to manage risks using special bars for fixing profit and loss. They must be set in advance.

Deposit and withdrawal of profits of the broker InvestMarkets

The choice of methods is very modest. The company did not expand the range of payment systems, apparently wanting to save on commissions for partners. Money can be credited to the account and, if necessary, withdrawn can be made only with the help of card accounts. At the same time, it will still be necessary to prove the legality of the possession of "plastic" by providing a whole set of personal data.

Brokerage firm InvestMarkets: user reviews

I was able to find both positive and negative opinions of traders about this company. This is not surprising, since every financial project has drawbacks. Most of the negative messages belong to novice traders, who most likely lost their money through their own inattention, as they neglected the advice of a personal manager. But the level of professionalism in customer support is generally rated very high. Therefore, it is simply not necessary to drive horses, it is better to listen to specialists.


You may well consider InvestMarkets broker as a potential partner for accessing the markets. Income will directly depend on the level of discipline, as well as the amount of the deposit. The more money you decide to invest, the "tastier" the result will be.