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OBR Forex

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OBRForex official website

Official website of the company

In the process of choosing a worthy broker, a lot of nuances may await you. One firm offers low fees, but the minimum amount required to open a deposit is overwhelming for most novice traders. Another company became popular thanks to a high-tech platform developed by leading programmers. However, this terminal, for example, does not support automated trading. And this is already a significant disadvantage.

I recommend paying attention to all the little things when choosing a broker. First, there are no minor details in investing. Secondly, you may find out about such nuances too late, when the money has already been invested. I advise you to consider brokers that offer the function of scalping the market using mechanical trading experts. Abi... This will allow you to start your trading career with a quick and successful start, since free robots are the best partners of modern players.

So, next in line is the analysis of the OBR Forex broker. Reviews for this company are generally positive. Many clients point to unique working conditions that no other competitor has. I think this company deserves closer attention and detailed analysis. Let's start with the official website.

The website is hosted at The domain is relatively fresh, which corresponds to the declared date of the broker's formation - 2016. In the field of professional market participants, this is a fairly solid period for which it is already possible to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of the firm's work.

The site has been worked out with high quality, it is not a temporary one-page, but a full-format network resource where you can find a lot of useful information for traders. A small disadvantage is the relatively long loading of content. It is detailed and colorful, but it also weighs a lot, which eats up traffic if, for example, you open it with your smartphone.

On the site I found detailed information about the history of the broker, as well as all aspects of regulating relations with traders. This is a plus for OBR Forex, as transparency should always come first. Even before opening a trading account, you can study the following documents that will have to be signed for further partnership:

  • notification of possible risks associated with working in the market;
  • regulation of transactions;
  • set of rules for non-trading operations;
  • client agreement.

The set of papers contains all the necessary information to find out about the legality of the activities of this broker. Apparently, the FSA is the regulator of OBR Forex. In general, so far the impression is not bad. We study further.

OBR Forex Platform

I like the choice of the trading terminal of this broker. The project owners decided not to waste time and money on creating a personal model, but offer their clients a proven option that suits most brokers in the world - MetaTrader4. This platform has a balanced "stuffing" and only the necessary graphics and functions.

obrforex platform

The broker OBR Forex (reviews on specialized forums also note the uninterrupted operation of these applications) offers traders a mobile version of MT4, which allows them to always monitor the exchange activity and the state of the trading account. The functionality is simpler, but all basic settings are preserved. For this, a solid four.

The following instruments act as investment assets:

  • Currency pairs;
  • gas;
  • gold;
  • indexes;
  • futures;
  • silver;
  • oil.

The set is not bad, but personally I still do not have enough cryptocurrency. Now almost every second trader chooses for himself the direction associated with digital coins because of their colossal volatility. Yes, the risk in this case is also much higher compared to other markets. But profitability breaks all records. Obviously, OBR Forex is still afraid to join the ranks of the most modern brokers. This is a significant drawback for a company that is fighting for customer attention.

Registration in OBR Forex

This procedure follows the standard scheme:

  • click on the corresponding button;
  • enter the necessary data in the fields (full name, phone number, email address);
  • view the received letter;
  • follow the link embedded in it;
  • edit and customize your personal account.

obrforex registration

As you can see, there are no difficulties. I recommend that you double check all the information you enter in the registration window. If you specify an incorrect mail, then it will be simply impossible to enter the account. And critical errors in the phone or full name. will lead to a complete blocking of the account. The broker carefully monitors its clients so that there are no fraudsters among them who want to reset other people's accounts.

Types of trading accounts at OBR Forex

And here the company was clearly greedy. If other companies usually have 4-6 options for the status of the deposit, depending on the initial deposited amount, then there are only two: Standard and Premium. You cannot register any intermediate options on

Against the background of such a modest offer, there is an advantage in the size of the minimum deposit. It simply does not exist. Deposit at least one kopeck in the account currency and start investing it. Although you yourself understand that you cannot trade much with such a sum. I recommend starting with at least $ 300-500.

This broker also has a leverage of 1: 100. So even with a shortage of personal funds, you can use leverage. And it does not cause concern, as it looks quite adequate. This is not 1: 500, which can be found on some brokers. From such a leverage, it is very easy to go to zero the deposit.

There is a cashback system for both types of accounts. For Standard it is 5% from every million in turnover, and for Premium - 10%. In principle, not bad, although I have met better offers. By the way, you will need at least $ 30K to get Premium status. And this amount is an order of magnitude lower than the standard conditions offered for VIP clients by most other professional market participants.

Trading with a broker OBR Forex

In addition to independent trading, you can also use automatic assistants, trading signals, as well as copying transactions of other players. If you do not want to operate the money yourself, the broker will offer trust management. Judging by the reviews on the Internet, smart specialists work here who increase the deposit.

obrforex site

OBR Forex does not have dealing, which can be easily included in the list of advantages. All transactions are processed strictly automatically, so it is not possible to interfere with them.

It is also interesting that demo accounts also have two statuses similar to the real ones. The price flow is no different at all from the actual transactions. Of course, in this case you are not exposed to any risks at all, since you work exclusively with virtual strategies. The commission for making trading operations is minimal.

Input and output of profits of the broker OBR Forex

Here you have a wide choice of ways of both crediting money to the account and subsequent withdrawal. In addition to standard options such as online wallets, bank cards, various services, there is even a transfer by Russian Post. Commissions promise small, terms no longer than the usual 3-5 working days.

Broker OBR Forex: customer reviews

I will warn you right away that extremely positive comments on the Internet should alert you. There are no always happy people for everyone. If a broker has existed on the market for at least 1 year, it means that somewhere there will certainly be reviews of traders who doubt the quality of its work, as well as angry comments from individual "personnel" who went against the company's rules and squandered their entire budget.

In addition to real messages on the forums, there are also customized ones. Competitors, seeing that some broker is doing well, will definitely start to put a spoke in his wheels in order to lure potential clients over to their side. Such reviews are easy to distinguish from real ones. These posts are often similar to each other, and commentators are renowned for unique literacy that is not found in most people. Be careful and never limit yourself to studying 1-2 sources of reviews. Do not be too lazy to browse the entire Internet.

As for OBR Forex, he has almost all the comments on his account: from enthusiastic to extremely negative. I found a couple of custom ones on the move. This means that the broker has a certain potential, since they are trying to prevent him from attracting new clients.


OBR Forex has several interesting advantages that distinguish it from other firms in this economic segment. There are also drawbacks, but this is quite normal. Too sleek scheme of work would have alerted me. I believe that this broker can be considered as your financial partner in the field of trading.