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FXTB official website

Official website of the company

ForexTB has been on the market since 2015, but the reviews on the Internet about its work are different. Some traders speak out positively, claiming that they managed to raise good money with the help of this broker in a fairly short time. Others write angry comments that the managers of this project are commonplace scammers who never return funds from an account and block it without explanation. So who should you trust?

So that you make the right decision and not be deceived in the process of finding a reliable broker, I have compiled a detailed review of this company. And I will start studying FXTB (this is the second abbreviated name of the company) from the official page on the Internet.

FXTB ForexTB site

The first thing that I noticed when I got to the site is a very bright design. To be honest, not the most successful color scheme. The eyes are uncomfortable with contrasting moving advertisements. I will write it down as a minus for this project. But with high technology everything is in order here. The broker guarantees the possibility of automatic trading using special robots. And free  Abi robot are supported here too. This is a very beneficial advantage for all users, as scalping the market is much more efficient if the mechanical assistant is properly configured.

Having carefully examined the site, I highlighted the following advantages:

  • the icon for contacting customer support is located right on the start page, and when you click on it, you can immediately go to a chat with a specialist (there is also a phone number and an email address);
  • there is a special section with answers to the most frequently asked questions;
  • there is an economic calendar;
  • you can download interesting educational books on trading;
  • in one of the tabs of the main menu, all the nuances of trading with each of the assets are described in detail;
  • the overall focus of the site is great for beginners;
  • simple and intuitive interface, no confusing structure.

I cannot say that this is the most perfect online brokerage resource that has ever been encountered on the Internet. But it is really very easy to navigate here. Moreover, the site contains complete information about all valid ForexTB licenses. This transparency suggests that the firm as a whole simply has nothing to hide from its future clients. An agreement is also posted here, which is concluded with each trader who decides to trade through this broker. In general, the impression is positive, since everything is in place, you don't have to look for anything anywhere.

Aside from the color scheme, I can only mention the lack of Russian in the menu settings. Obviously, the management expects to work mainly with foreign investors. But it doesn't matter if your browser has a built-in translator. Dealing with the site will not be a problem.

FXTB platform

The broker did not reinvent the wheel, so he offered his users a proven MT4. This terminal is included in the list of the most technically equipped trading programs. It is quite a logical choice to provide investors with a comfortable trading using all possible instruments.

FXTB ForexTB platform

The broker offers three options for using this terminal:

  • online trading directly in the browser (the power of your PC does not matter);
  • downloading and installing the platform on a computer;
  • using the mobile version of the application.

Although the company claims that the latter method does not cut the functionality in any way, the Internet is replete with messages about the difficulties of investing with the help of gadgets. That is, the terminal has a limited set of capabilities so as not to overload the mobile device. If the broker so zealously convinces the opposite, it means that he has not studied the application itself in detail. Let's write it down.

After browsing the site for a while, I noticed the mention of another terminal called TC Research. It is not clear what this program is, since detailed information is supposedly available only to registered users. Another very strange point, since a choice from several trading applications would be a significant advantage for a broker against the background of most competitors. Why exactly her company decided to hide it is unclear.

In any case, MetaTrader4 is a versatile high-tech option. Most investors opt for this platform, so, I believe, this will be quite enough to establish profitable exchange activities.

Registration with FXTB

I did not find any catch here. Simple form, not many items to fill out. You can immediately select the type of account on which you want to work first. Are you ready to compete for real profits from day one? Then you need the classic version. If you want to test a new trading strategy, the FXTB broker (reviews say that this option is completely identical to the real deposit) is ready to provide a demo account to hone your skills.

FXTB ForexTB registration

This is a good move that attracts many newbies who do not yet have the proper experience and are still afraid to ram the real market. Immediately after opening a demo account, 100 thousand units of virtual currency are credited to its balance, which can be used to make transactions. Don't confuse them with real money. The broker does not donate currency just like that.

Types of trading accounts with FXTB

As always, there is a gradation depending on the amount deposited. The minimum top-up amount is € 250. Adequate threshold that is available to every investor. Even if you do not plan to invest a lot of money right away, you can try to work on the exchange at minimum wages.

FXTB ForexTB account types

To understand which particular deposit is most popular with the clients of this company, I studied reviews. Broker FXTB quite often appears in the comments on the forums of professional investors. Apparently, the majority choose the middle ground and settle on the Gold variant.

In general, each of the proposed statuses does not have any special privileges. The main difference lies only in the ability to withdraw funds from the account without commission. If, by opening a basic account, you get only one chance to withdraw profit for free, then the VIP status allows you to do this constantly.

In my opinion, with really large investments, the broker could provide a larger number of "goodies". In this ForexTB is somewhat inferior to most competitors. Many firms offer much better conditions for the largest clients.

Trading with broker FXTB

On the site of this project, I found one important point. Before registration, you can first familiarize yourself with the appearance of the terminal. This is a very correct approach, since most brokers prefer to demonstrate the program interface exclusively in the trader's personal account.

FXTB ForexTB trading

There are many assets presented here, charts can be easily adjusted to suit the needs of the investor The data can be displayed in any format convenient for you. There is also a local chat. If desired, there is an opportunity to chat with other players or moderators from the broker's side.

Of course, there is a risk control system. Without take-profit and stop-loss bars, it is very easy to lose your deposit, it is banal to drain it during a period of strong volatility. Therefore, I do not advise to open positions during the period of economically important news release. Use a dedicated calendar. Broker FXTB, reviews of which I will describe below, made sure that clients did not have to frantically search for news release times on the Internet. Everything is at hand here.

Input and output of profit of the broker FXTB

The company offers traders only two ways of financial flows - Visa and MasterCard accounts. The choice is rather scarce considering the variety other brokers usually provide. This is another slight oversight on the part of FXTB.

Replenishment of the deposit is carried out within a few hours. The withdrawal will take much longer.

On average, traders see a profit in their bank account after 5 business days. Moreover, the broker reserves the right to block the account if the security service thinks that the withdrawal is being made in violation of the company's internal policy. So read the user agreement carefully before you start working with this company.

FXTB broker reviews

As I already wrote, there are different comments. But there are still more grateful clients. In the end, not everyone listens to trade analysts and uses the site's functionality. So most of the angry reviews were left by such negligent investors.


Broker FXTB is the standard representative of professional market participants. It does not offer sky-high cashbacks or exclusive conditions for VIP clients. But I recommend trying to work with this company. I did not find any fraudulent schemes here.