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LifecoinFX official website

Official website of the company

This review is dedicated to everyone who is currently looking for a reliable broker. Trading is a great way to earn both additional and main income. But here even an experienced user sometimes faces a lot of pitfalls, not to mention a beginner. So that you can find the most suitable financial partner for your needs, carefully read all the nuances of the candidates. This time we will talk about the LifecoinFX broker, the reviews of which on the Web are very contradictory.

I'll start, as always, with an analysis of the company's official website. A personal Internet portal is the real face of a broker, therefore, all information posted on this resource should be checked especially carefully. At first glance, the site looks pretty decent. It loads quickly, does not hang, there is no intrusive video ads. The structure is simple, it is impossible to get lost, the color scheme does not hurt the eyes.

lifecoin site

Customer support contacts are located at the top of the page, which is quite convenient. There is no need to look for anything anywhere. True, there is no live dialog box. This is a minus, but not significant. The site also contains information about the supported trading platform, assets and financial instruments. Apparently, LifecoinFX is no stranger to modern technologies, since the local terminal supports automatic trading using robots, for example, a popular mechanical expert Abi... This is already a clear plus in their piggy bank, as more and more traders are switching to the technique of scalping the market. And it is Abi who is most in demand in this matter.

As a matter of fact, there is not much useful information here. There is an economic calendar, as well as a graph of changes in the value of assets. Moreover, it is the cryptocurrency that is represented. This is not bad, digital coins have become a very popular financial instrument on the exchange. And the choice of them here is more than decent, not only traditional Bitcoin.

I was alarmed by the lack of full legal information about the company itself. The address of the head office is indicated, but there is no agreement with all the details. There is only a standard warning about the risks and lack of compensation in the event of a loss. But this is the most common information that should not be feared. In general, it is not very clear on the basis of which document the partnership with clients will be carried out in the future. Although the contract itself with all the legal details may well be provided after registration.

LifecoinFX platform

The broker did not use trading terminals of other companies and developed his own version called LifecoinFX Markets. The application looks decent, there are a large number of functions and charts that will help both a novice investor and a professional in their field achieve success:

  • risk management using stop loss and take profit bars;
  • deep customization of each parameter;
  • simple regulation with one mouse click;
  • the ability to set a limit for monetary transactions;
  • adaptation to the trader's work style;
  • automatic trading of autonomous robots;
  • free signals.

As you can see, the terminal has a good "filling", it is not inferior in its level even to the well-known MT4. The only drawback is the lack of a demo account. However, as far as I managed to understand in the process of analyzing this broker, LifecoinFX (reviews clients confirm my opinion) is focused on established investors who are committed to a stable income.

lifecoin platform

The company guarantees the security of the account, all personal information and funds placed on the deposit. If you have any questions, the broker's management strongly recommends that you immediately seek help from support, which works 24/7. Fortunately, you won't have to search for their contact details for a long time, as I have already noted above.

Registration at LifecoinFX

Like most brokers, it is very easy to create a personal account here. The form to fill out is short, a letter is sent to the mail literally within 5 minutes confirming all the data and creating an account.

lifecoin registration

By the way, LifecoinFX is one of the few brokerage firms that already on the website warns its potential clients in advance about the need to provide a set of personal data in the future:

  • identity card (color copy or scan);
  • proof of ownership of the plastic card with which the payments will be made;
  • confirmation of the reality of the actual address of residence.

lifecoin address

Be sure to check all details before final registration. In case of providing false information, according to the internal policy, the broker has every right to block your account without giving any reason.

Types of trading accounts at LifecoinFX

Each user can open a deposit of the type that suits him specifically. I draw your attention to the minimum amount that is required to trade with this broker. It is pointless to register here without 5000 euros. And this is a significant drawback, since most other firms have this threshold several times lower (usually from $ 250).

lifecoin account types

But, as the reviews show, LifecoinFX has no problems with the number of its clients. It's just that this broker is aimed at middle-level traders who have already developed their own strategy and are ready to invest substantial money. After all, the less currency you put on a deposit, the longer you will pay off your investment.

Holders of all account types are provided with round-the-clock support from project managers and a personal trading analyst. Of course, the higher the account status, the more privileges you will receive. For example, the owner of the Gold account (starting from 25 thousand euros) can count on a discount of up to 25% of the standard commission for the transaction. Platinum status guarantees an already powerful leverage of 1: 500. With such leverage, you can conquer even the most expensive assets. The VIP account holder receives personalized service and monthly reviews. However, in this case, you must have at least € 250.

Trading with the LifecoinFX broker

This company recommends more than just independent investments. The firm is ready to take over the management of your finances according to a pre-agreed strategy. A whole team of experienced traders works on the basis of LifecoinFX, who, judging by the feedback from their clients, have already established themselves as intelligent exchange experts.

The broker offers two options for strategies at once, which differ in the level of profitability and initial investment. You can choose any if you prefer to trade large amounts. The initial deposit here starts from 30 thousand euros.

Lovers of independent trading can proceed according to the standard scheme. First, you study the economic calendar posted on the site for free access, then choose a suitable trading asset (or several), and then open positions or provide an automatic robot with an opportunity to work for you.

The broker has a lot of financial instruments available, including cryptocurrency. The platform works efficiently, does not slow down even in scalping conditions. Apparently, a personal server was allocated for it. So I have no complaints about trading here.

Deposit and withdrawal of profits of the LifecoinFX broker

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) provide comprehensive answers to virtually any problem that arises. Here, step by step, the procedure for withdrawing money from the deposit and the terms for crediting the profit received to the bank account are written. You can also use a plastic card, but only if you have correctly indicated all its data during registration.

The standard translation period is 5-6 business days. Replenish the deposit much faster, money is credited within an hour. Do not forget that banks have their own transfer policies, so terms may change.

Reviews about the broker LifecoinFX

Information on the Internet is often not entirely transparent. For example, a negative comment may well be provoked by an angry trader who went against all of the manager's signals and advice. Of course, this kind of trading leads to losses. But the company itself is not to blame for this.

As for LifecoinFX, I found more positive reviews about this broker than negative ones. However, be prepared that they will have to be read mainly in English, as the company as a whole is more focused on foreign traders.


Summing up, I can say that it is difficult to write something definitely good or bad about LifecoinFX. There are definitely no blatant traces of fraud here. The company has existed since 2015, and this is already a decent experience. You may well try to open a deposit here, if the minimum thresholds for the amount are not an obstacle for you.