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Samtradefx official website

If you are looking for a profitable and reliable broker, choose Samtradefx, in this case, a divorce will not be scary. It is a trusted financial partner who helps its clients earn millions in various currencies every minute. Traders from all over the world have chosen Samtradefx as their permanent broker, because this particular project fully meets all the requirements of an actively developing investor. Every investor must have a robot in his arsenal Abi.

For you to have a correct opinion about Samtradefx, first of all, you need to visit its official website. After all, it is the page on the Internet that is often the face of any broker. The developers of the project obviously did not skimp on high-quality and competent design.

The Samtradefx site has a very convenient navigation, and the embedded animated content does not affect the page loading speed at all.

samtraderfx wolverhampton

Here you can learn more about the legal status of the broker, its registration and creation date. Samtradefx is a fairly young company, but this should not be in doubt, as in practice customers are very satisfied with the work of the platform.

In addition to the standard option of profit from transactions on the exchange, Samtradefx invites everyone to participate in trader contests. The developers regularly hold competitions, the winners of which receive substantial cash prizes, as well as a special local currency SamCoins. Usually it is exchanged for real discounts or additional prizes. You can also get SamCoins for your activity as a trader. Small rewards are awarded even for opening the first dollar deposit and making at least one trade operation. Moreover, the minimum replenishment of the account will give 10 units of the prize currency, and the contribution of $ 3000 immediately doubles the bonus. A $ 10000 deposit will bring its owner as much as 50 virtual coins. The referral program also did not stand aside. For each active project participant you invite, the broker will charge 30 SamCoins. If you accumulate a sufficient amount of such a peculiar currency, then you will increase your status in the program. The more attractive it is, the larger the available multiplier of the available SamCoins will be.

Broker Samtradefx, reviews of which can be found in almost every professional forum, is a very profitable project that allows active traders to significantly reduce their expenses on commission for making transactions. And also this company offers the user a lot of useful educational articles. From them you can learn basic information about Forex and the subtleties of trading on it, as well as get acquainted with a set of basic concepts and their detailed explanation. Even if you have just started working with the exchange, Samtradefx will do everything to ensure that the deposit is constantly replenished, and all risks are minimal.

For high-quality asset trading, you need to know the exact dates of upcoming economically important events. After all, they can have a significant impact on the movement of price trends. For this, there is a special calendar on the broker's website. With its help, you will always be armed and do not miss the moment when it is better to leave the market in order to avoid a serious capital drawdown. As a rule, during the news release period, all assets behave unpredictably. Therefore, analysts recommend refraining from opening orders at this time.

Samtradefx platform

Here the broker did not reinvent the wheel and develop any personal versions of applications for working with the market. The choice fell on the most popular and multifunctional terminal MetaTrader4, which is successfully used by millions of traders from different countries.

samtraderfx mt4

MT4 is a very easy-to-use platform that offers ample opportunities to all traders without regard to the level of training. It has in-depth technical analysis of the input data, and it also supports algorithmic trading using mechanical assistants.

The terminal has a user-adapted interface and a system of flexible internal settings. With their help, the program can be easily modified in accordance with the personal preferences of each trader. There are a lot of visual and easy-to-understand charts showing the change in the price movement of a particular asset, which is very convenient for making a forecast.

I would also like to note the modern approach of Samtradefx developers (reviews of the broker's clients always contain this item) to the trading system itself. The terminal has a mobile version suitable for all types of smartphone OS. The application is fully functional and similar to a full-format terminal. With it, you can always continue working, even if you go on vacation with your family or simply do not have access to a PC.

Registration at Samtradefx

Here I did not find any difficulties or tricks. In addition, you can immediately select the desired account type. The set of items required for filling in the registration form is quite standard. This procedure took me no more than 5 minutes.

Please note that all information must be provided strictly accurate. The broker monitors the safety of its clients very carefully and may block the account if it suspects fraudulent activity on the part of its owner. Be sure to check the correctness of the typed email address and mobile number. With their help, the system user will be verified.

samtraderfx registration

All data specified during registration are securely stored in the broker's database. Samtradefx does not disclose information about its clients to third parties, so you don't have to worry that your contacts will fall into the hands of scammers.

Types of trading accounts with Samtradefx

Here I did not see the fundamental difference between the accounts. Almost all conditions for participants are the same. An exception is an Islamic account, which has less leverage than is offered to holders of other accounts - 200 instead of 500.

samtraderfx type

The main advantage of this broker, in my opinion, is the size of the minimum deposit, which is only $ 10. Compared to other competitors, this is a real plus, since you can start investing in exchange-traded assets almost from scratch. You don't need to have millions on your account to get a ticket to a better life. Just $ 10 is enough.

All registered accounts have negative balance protection, which will not allow the trader to be in debt. All project participants work exclusively with their own funds. All accounts have floating spreads, so I assume that VIPs can still expect better commissions.

Trading with a broker Samtradefx

It's really easy to be a successful trader with this company. The system offers its customers a lot of products with which you can quickly make a lot of money. Samtradefx offers Forex currency pairs, indices (here the leverage is limited to 1: 100), as well as various goods: gold, silver, oil, gas. These are not only the most popular instruments, but also the most profitable, provided they are constantly trading.

samtraderfx instruments

For everyone who is not yet particularly confident in their own abilities and knowledge of the market, there is an opportunity to open a demo account. There, beginners train in making short-term forecasts, identifying trends and working with trading signals. The trial mode does not differ in any way from the real business, so on it you can quickly learn professional tips in trading.

Deposit and withdrawal of profits of the broker Samtradefx

The company offers several ways to replenish the deposit and withdraw the earned money:

  • bank transfer;
  • VISA and Mastercard plastic card accounts;
  • UnionPay system.

In the first case, the operation can take 1-4 business days. It all depends on the credit institution that issued your card. The rest of the options guarantee translation within an hour. But this condition only applies on weekdays.

If you decide to withdraw your earnings, whichever option you choose, the money will be credited to your account within 1-4 days. According to client reviews, Samtradefx always adheres to the given deadlines and never extends them for no apparent reason. This is a very important condition that significantly affects the overall assessment of the broker by traders. In this case, this is a clear advantage of the company over its competitors.

Reviews about the broker Samtradefx

Today, this broker already has a huge audience of fans from both the largest investors and novice traders. This company offers its clients the most favorable conditions for trading on the exchange and is very loyal to all users.

The reviews on the Internet that I met in the process of getting to know Samtradefx are delightful and grateful. People note the excellent work of the internal support service, the high speed of withdrawals and the very convenient minimum threshold for opening a deposit.


Summing up, I will say that Samtradefx is a worthy financial partner for a trader of any level. Don't worry about your starting capabilities. This broker will allow you to enter the market even with a minimal money portfolio. Register on the Samtradefx website, open an account and start making money on your dream today. Join hundreds of thousands of like-minded people who have experienced the difference between being on credit and the luxurious life of a successful trader.