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Is not limited

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Euro, American Dollar, British Pound

Interface language

English, Russian (the platform is equipped with automatic translation into more languages)

Demo Account

Yes (only for account holders in the Platinum and Diamond category)

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Mobile trading


Deposits and withdrawals

Bank cards, wire transfers, payment systems, electronic wallets

Official site YardOption

This broker is a scammer, it doesn't matter if you are a trader or a partner, you will be thrown! If you are looking for an unreliable and untested broker partner, YardOption - this is what you need. This kitchen has been quite fruitful for several years already, and on the Internet you can find a lot of negative reviews regarding this company.

yard option scam alert

The main distinguishing feature is the active promotion by the broker of the services of their own trading systems, which, as you know, bring the maximum loss even with a horizontal trend. On the YardOption platform, you will lose every cent, so I can no doubt call this broker a scam, they make money, but not you. 

The interface is available in English and Russian, it is obvious that not only Russian-speaking users lose money there. On the start page, you can familiarize yourself with the leaderboard for the drain among the service's clients. Who wouldn't be pleased to see their name on the list of duped people? Quite a good move on the part of the developers.

The YardOption company, which I have seen in literally every forum, has a poor training base. Videos for newbie traders are available for viewing on the site. With the help of these webinars, the broker plans to lure as many clients as possible and promote them to the maximum possible amount. Here you can also download a useless e-book in two clicks. It's never too late to learn, even if you consider yourself a real guru of modern Internet trading, where nothing will come of it

yard option scam

It is very easy to contact the broker's representatives. To do this, you do not have to wander around the site looking for a mailing address, since the dialog box is located in the lower right corner of the screen and immediately attracts attention due to the bright green new message icon. Technical support specialists can be asked any question regarding both the features of the trading platform and the detailed nuances of the service. The managers here answer very quickly, and, if necessary, call back if you leave a mobile phone number for feedback.

The tabs on the site do not have a multi-level menu, which, in my opinion, is the most popular option among all brokers. The "Platform" item contains information about the trading terminal of the company and the assets available for work.

yard option platform

Here, the choice of languages ​​is somewhat larger. Users can switch between the following items in the list: Russian, English, German, Italian, Chinese, Polish, Spanish, Bulgarian, Lithuanian.

The platform is pretty simple. Someone in the reviews says about the banality of the terminal and the lack of specialized widgets. It is quite possible that the development of the company stopped there. But personally, I can say that simplicity is a characteristic of a scam broker. Flickering pictures can confuse traders when they are at their peak in the trading process.

The bottom section shows the latest world news affecting asset volatility. But this is all dust in the eyes, you won't be able to earn 100% here.

You can read the main company statements by clicking on the "About Us" tab. Here are the main theses of the broker, its current directions, as well as obvious shortcomings. Another useless information for a trader.

YardOption Platform

The developers did not take as a basis one of the already existing platforms for trading on world markets. They have created a completely new Vortex Trade terminal with a primitive interface. Increased attention to your brainchild and constant freezing of the platform - this is the special style of YardOption. Divorce is clearly in the interests of this broker. I would say that the management is doing everything so that the clients of the project lose money and never come here again.

Using the same hanging platform of this broker, you can trade both options and forex. It all depends on the wishes of the client. The terminal allows you to easily combine the tools you like and operate the most draining ones. Thus, the trader has about 140 trading pairs to drain.

You can set up leverage even for a single trade. If the operation is risky, the trader is allowed to reduce the rate and abandon the high leverage. I also want to note the inconvenient time for the execution of the order.

A glossary containing the basic concepts of trading is available on the site menu. If you are a beginner and are still a little confused in professional slang, then you definitely need to familiarize yourself with this section of the site. From now on, you will not have to frantically search Wikipedia for the value of leverage or spread. It is enough to devote five minutes to self-education, and the dialogues of professional traders will become clear as a multiplication table, this is the only plus of this site.

Register at YardOption

The first acquaintance with the broker begins with creating an account and gaining access to your personal account. The questionnaire contains only basic points, which will take literally a couple of minutes to complete.

yard option registration

Fill out a standard form, receive an email with confirmation of your email address and further instructions. After that, you can proceed to a more detailed account verification. To confirm your good intentions, you will have to provide a scan or a high-quality picture of your passport, a photo of a receipt for payment for housing and communal services (your real address of residence), as well as both sides of the card. It's sad that so many people are leaking their data to such an unreliable broker.

It is very important to enter all the data correctly. If something is not true, the kitchen promises to refuse your withdrawal and block your account. But they will not withdraw money to you in any case, even with verification.

Types of Trading Accounts with YardOption

Like many brokers, this company subdivides the status of deposits according to the amounts deposited. The trader can independently choose the amount of investment and pre-familiarize themselves with the bonuses of each account.

yardoption types of accounts

The basic deposit requires a personal manager for competent trading, round-the-clock support 7 days a week, active professional chat, access to signals, training, as well as notification via e-mail and SMS. Starting account promises more than 71% of successful transactions.

The silver version is distinguished by access to learning the basics of fundamental and technical analysis. In addition, the client expects a reduced monthly withdrawal fee. The effectiveness of transactions increases to 82%.

A gold account guarantees the user access to online classes and a daily market review. All basic benefits are also retained. Already more than 84% of trading operations will be profitable to the owner of this deposit.

A platinum account provides the opportunity to create a demo account with 10000 virtual dollars on the balance sheet. This is a great way to test platform innovations and test the effectiveness of personal trading methods. The owner of this account will be provided with a personal trainer. Profitability is planned over 84%.

Diamond deposit is the top of this rating. The owner will have access to risk management training and the maximum number of lots. And all this while maintaining all the advantages voiced above. The trader who opened this deposit will receive success in 88% of transactions.

All this is a lure to get more money out of you, and nothing more. Don't get fooled!

Trading with the broker YardOption

The exclusive platform will allow traders of all skill levels to merge. Moreover, many clients claim that they manage to do this as quickly as possible, because this kitchen twists quotes. If you are not confident in your own abilities and doubt that the start-up capital will be enough to develop stock trading skills, feel free to open an account with any other broker, he will be more decent and honest. Feedback from traders suggests that with the help of professional project managers, everything is pulled from people to the bone.

YardOption provides access to one of the very popular markets - CFD... You can use both proven methods of losing money and completely new drain algorithms. A personal manager will support you in developing a unique strategy to achieve the best possible result. The minimum bid for a trade is 0,1 lot, and the leverage is increased up to 1: 1000. All spreads are strictly fixed - no more than 0,02% for each pair.

A trader who chooses YardOption can forget about their money. All these currency pairs, raw materials, commodities, stocks, just to put the dust in your eyes. The result will be the same - loss of money!

Due to slow servers and slow execution of trades, you will always get the opposite result from the operation you make. Comprehensive technical errors and glitches. This company always works poorly.

Input and output of YardOption broker profit

If you correctly filled out all the fields of the questionnaire during registration and provided the data of personal documents in a timely manner, you will not be allowed to withdraw even the remaining money. According to reviews, tech support simply ignores or bans a client who decides to withdraw money. And in no case send a photo of your bank card!

Replenishment of the deposit is carried out using payment systems, online services and plastic cards. Your money goes offshore and you can forget about your money

Holders of the Gold deposit can count on 1 free withdrawal within the last 30 days. Standard and Silver accounts do not have these privileges. However, traders who open them receive one free withdrawal of money. Each subsequent withdrawal will be subject to a commission of 30 currency units. If you decide to receive proceeds through an electronic wallet, then add another 3,5%. These words on the broker's website are a simple enticement for gullible traders!


YardOption Broker Reviews

The company has been on the market for several years. During this time, thousands of users managed to leave their opinions in Internet communities. There are solid negative reviews and a few custom-made positive ones. However, the last category refers more to those writers who do not know what trading is, they are ready to write any enthusiastic words for money. Most of the reviews for this company expresses contempt for the technical support staff and notes the platform's very buggy interface.


In order to form your personal opinion about a broker, you need to find out about all its nuances yourself. Get a free test deposit and check the effectiveness of the drain platform. This brokerage firm is ready to actively take your money, in return you will receive only negative emotions.