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Official TradingTeck Website

If a trader wants to seriously engage in asset trading and at the same time not fall for the banal divorce, TradingTeck will help him start a career as a successful player. This is a brokerage company that provides its clients with the opportunity to work with various resources in the world markets. However, in addition to these services, TradingTeck is also interesting to potential users for its exceptional service. To make a detailed review, I have studied the official website of this broker in detail.

TradingTeck review

The Internet resource of this project came out very bright and attractive. It can be considered for a long time due to the richness of information. The advantage is the presence of three interface languages: English, Russian and German. This meets the requirements of most large investors. Below the main screensavers there is a moving strip showing the latest change in the value of assets. This shows that this broker works with the most interesting resources. Here are the shares of large corporations, and raw materials, and currency pairs (more than a thousand top assets). 

There are several tabs at the top of the start page. I advise every visitor to familiarize themselves with their content in order to get a clear understanding of the broker. The "Platforms" item is expanded to a program for PCs and smartphones. The developers took care of the convenience of their clients and duplicated the trading platform in the mobile version so that investors can earn money in any place convenient for them. This is a big plus, since modern life has a high pace. Not every trader can afford to sit at the same laptops all day, but leaving the workplace for a minute. The broker's team gives you the opportunity to be mobile, always staying in touch with the latest market changes.

The "Account Type" tab describes in detail all the available ways to replenish the deposit, as well as withdraw money. Unfortunately, the screenshot does not display the entire list of sources, but in fact there are quite a few of them. I can say that every trader will find the most convenient option for himself here.

TradingTeck make money

Do not pass by the tab "Start learning trade." This is a great opportunity to acquire electronic versions of books that have scored extremely positive among experienced traders. reviews. Tradingteck also does not skimp on online webinars. This is a great chance to get acquainted with the trading experience of successful traders and replenish the knowledge base with unique promising strategies.

The "Glossary" item contains all the terminology necessary for a beginner with a detailed explanation of each word and abbreviation. If you are just starting your journey into the world of stock trading, be sure to check out the basic set of standard titles. This will allow you to better understand more experienced traders and maintain a professional dialogue on specialized forums on the Internet.

I’ll separately note the “Trading Instruments” tab. The developers did everything to make the platform customers comfortable. Technical Analysis various assets presented as videos. In my opinion, this is the best option for the assimilation of such difficult information. In addition to the video, here you can get acquainted with the trading signals (daily, weekly and monthly) that are used in this broker. There is also a financial calendar on the site with important events already marked, as well as major world news. With this set of tips, you will always be able to avoid drawdowns and emerge victorious from any difficult situations on the market.

TradingTeck best trends

Please note that the information for English speaking traders is different than for Russian speaking players. This suggests that you are dealing with real specialists, and not banal translators of news from one dialect to another. All investors will have at their disposal exactly those events that relate directly to their state and national markets.

On the Internet I met a variety of opinions about TradingTeck. Divorce it or not, it becomes clear from carefully thought out and worked out in all the smallest details of the site. Here you can find everything that can only interest a potential client of this broker. Developers immediately indicate that TradingTeck is actively cooperating with leading trading robots, including with robot Abi, the best trading robot. But it was this assistant who enlisted the support of a large audience. I say with confidence that there can be no talk of divorce here. This brokerage company does everything to ensure that its clients actively trade and increase their deposit mainly through successful transactions.

If you need help or are interested in an answer to any question, there is a dialog box in the lower right corner of the site. Here you can enter your contact information and type text. In the near future, the site managers will definitely contact you. Moreover, it works for both registered users and new visitors. I must say that technical support works like clockwork for them. Having personally checked the activity and friendliness of local specialists, I confirm that I have no complaints. In addition, the dialogue with the client will be conducted strictly in a language that is convenient for him.

TradingTeck Platform

The programmers of this brokerage company prefer an individual approach to the client base. Instead of adding well-known platforms like MetaTrader4, they created their own program that supports the general style of the site. The TradingTeck terminal is notable for its convenience and functionality. Customers note the high speed of implementation of applications and the absence of typical technical errors in the operation of the platform.

Key features of the terminal:

  • The presence of automatic orders to close a transaction when an asset reaches a certain level in the price range (Stop Loss and Take Profit). These tools operate in the background and are triggered without the participation of a trader.
  • Ability to create a pending order. Also a very convenient addition, which does not need to be constantly watched.
  • Alerting the customer about the prices of resources. A trader can fix in the settings indicators at which he would like to enter the market. As soon as the conditions on the exchange coincide with the wishes of the player, the platform will immediately report it.
  • The abundance of trading signals. Terminal TradingTeck, reviews about which I have almost always met positive, it provides the user with a lot of visual graphs of curves and candles, as well as several popularity tables. With their help, it is very easy to follow the trends of various assets.
  • The ability to create a personal investment schedule (economic calendar). With its help, the trader has time to prepare in advance for the upcoming volatility, having studied the upcoming news beforehand. Events are rated according to the importance of the degree of market impact. The calendar itself is regularly updated.
  • Quick execution of the placed order in just one click. The function allows you not to miss the most profitable moment to enter the market.

I can also say that the TradingTeck platform greatly simplifies technical analysis. All users of the broker get at their disposal 5 standard reports to improve their investment decisions:

  • account statement;
  • bonus report;
  • trading actions;
  • consolidated report;
  • calculation report.

And all these tools are completely free for every account holder. In my opinion, quite generously from the developers.

Register at TradingTeck

The procedure for creating a personal account here is no different from the sites of other brokerage firms. A small profile and standard fields to fill out. I did not find any tricks and pitfalls during the registration process.

TradingTeck open account

All data must be entered correctly. In the event of an error, the account may simply be blocked in the future. As soon as this simple registration procedure is completed, the manager contacts the client and tells him about additional platform features and available bonuses.

Verification passes in two stages. First you need to download a scan or a high-quality photo of an identity document. This is not unusual, since the moment is stipulated by law. Still need a document confirming the registration address of the trader. The final touch is a photo card of the owner of the personal account on both sides. However, the CVV code and the full number, with the exception of the last four digits, can be previously hidden. After submitting all the necessary documents to the specified email address will receive a letter with information about the confirmation of the account.

Types of Trading Accounts with TradingTeck

TradingTeck type account

The broker gives its customers the opportunity to issue any of the six available types of deposit:

  • base;
  • bronze;
  • silver;
  • gold;
  • platinum;
  • the black.

The standard option implies a minimum account size of 250 US dollars. At the same time, the customer is available round-the-clock support with 1 day off per week (24/6), a training center, analytical videos, price alerts, professional webinars and a daily market review. In this case, the broker guarantees a 20% welcome bonus. A decent set for the starting version of the deposit. I recommend for beginners.

The bronze account differs from the basic service of a personal manager, who will constantly advise and assist the trader throughout his work with the market. The bonus is doubled. The minimum deposit amount is $ 1000.

Silver account holders expect lower spreads and a more serious accompanying manager (Senior status). In this case, the account must be replenished by at least $ 5000. The volume of the welcome bonus grows to 60%

Gold deposit is marked as recommended. The holders of these accounts receive the accompaniment of a senior personal manager, special trading signals and unique spreads. The minimum deposit amount is $ 10000. The bonus increases to 80%.

The platinum account is distinguished by exclusive signals, very comfortable spreads and a VIP manager. In addition, the broker guarantees access to exclusive market positions. Another plus is a 100% welcome bonus when depositing at least $ 25000.

A separate item is the "Black" account type. It is intended for large investors who want to deal with really solid amounts. All conditions for them are discussed personally.

Trading with broker TradingTeck

I am not surprised that, despite the short period of existence, this company has already managed to get positive reviews. Tradingteck It offers its customers a really mass of convenient tools for successful trading.

All users note excellent leverage (1: 200). This allows everyone to work with the most expensive market assets and make a profit much more than the amount placed on deposit. Another advantage is the absence of an additional fee for maintaining an account. There are no hidden fees at all, everything is very simple and transparent.

A large number of volatile assets and financial instruments make trading with TradingTeck very successful and promising. Pleasant welcome bonuses expand the range of opportunities for the new platform client. Actual quotes, reports and live charts allow you to always be in the know and make successful trading forecasts.  

Input and output of the broker TradingTeck profit

The system not only quickly credits funds to the account, but also transfers them back to the client without delay. This is especially convenient for traders with an active lifestyle, who are accustomed to instantly using the earned money.

You can use a card (deposit or credit), bank transfer system, Western Union service, Neteller and Skrill e-wallets. The minimum amount is 100 units (the currency of a particular account is used). But this only applies to receiving money through credit organizations. All other methods include a starting amount of 50 units. All requests are processed within 3-4 business days. The commission is 3,5% (not less than 30, but not more than 3500 euros). However, owners of platinum and black deposits are entitled to the first free withdrawal.   

Reviews about broker TradingTeck

I met both enthusiastic and extremely negative posts on professional forums on the Internet. However, most of the negative reviews, in my opinion, are written to order. All of them are a bit similar and have a common emphasis on the financial component of transactions. Competitors and extortionists do not sleep, trying to convince the audience of the inefficiency of this broker. I can say that I have no doubts about the decency of the developers of this project.

Over the year, TradingTeck has acquired a very solid client base. Users note low spreads and a nice bonus program. I advise you not to read a lot of reviews from strangers in a row. Registeras I did, and test the broker yourself. As a rule, personal experience will put everything in its place.


TradingTeck is a convenient and modern broker that provides clients with a lot of relevant tools. It offers a strong learning base, a veritable e-library of specialized literature, and constantly updated charts of the top stock exchange figures. There are no hidden fees here, so you don't have to be afraid that money will start to disappear from the deposit.

The company demonstrates itself as a promising project that is constantly evolving and improving. Try it yourself... Open at least an initial deposit and start making money without leaving your home. With such a reliable partner, it will be much easier than it might seem at first glance.