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Ax invest

Year of foundation



Marshall Islands

Minimum deposit

250 dollars

Maximum income

Is not limited

Compensation at a loss



Dollar, Euro, Pound

Interface language

English, German, Spanish, Italian

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trading signals


Mobile trading


Deposits and withdrawals

Credit and debit cards Visa and Mastercard, electronic payment systems

The official website of Ax Invest

Ax Invest is a young broker that has been operating only since 2018. I decided to compile my own review and review for the broker Ax Invest, since at the time of writing the review there was absolutely no information about it on the network. Should I trust this company, and what trading conditions does it offer? We will find out soon!

Like all modern analogues, the developers of Ax Invest pay great attention to the simplicity and affordability of trading on the Forex and Crypto Currency markets.

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It offers its customers a wide range of trading platforms and assets, tools for conducting market analysis, as well as competitive prices and fast execution of orders. As for trading assets, their number exceeds 200 pieces, including currency pairs, goods, metals and raw materials, as well as cryptocurrencies, which have recently become the most profitable and promising investment target.

Check the broker's synchronization with the program for automatic income. Abi. This will allow you to receive passive earnings in trading, without putting absolutely no effort on it!

The company has not forgotten about novice traders who still do not have enough experience to conduct market analysis. Visit the Professional Trading Academy for free. Here is a collection of valuable knowledge from experienced analysts and traders.

If you already have some experience, then use the Live Signals, market reviews and the built-in Economic Calendar. These tools will increase the accuracy of your transactions.

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One of the priorities of Ax Invest is to ensure complete security and reliability for all its customers. The company collects information about each of its customers at the rate of its subsequent protection from account hacking by hackers. For this purpose, only the most advanced data encryption methods are used.

All transactions are performed over secure protocols using the username and password chosen and protected by you. For this reason, minimizing the likelihood that someone else will trade on your behalf.

Do not tell anyone your password! In addition, the staff of the broker Ax Invest will never ask you to tell them the password from the entrance to your Personal Account.

The company does not tolerate money laundering, for this reason it is actively fighting in the framework of international politics. She clearly follows the recommendations of the Joint Steering Group against Money Laundering in the UK. The United Kingdom is a full member of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), an intergovernmental body whose goal is to combat money laundering and terrorist financing.

About Us

The company is officially registered on the Marshall Islands Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Island, MH 96960. Ax Invest is fully customer-oriented and combines individual trading functionality on its platforms with the widest range of products, offering the best prices, performance and liquidity.

The main advantages and features of the broker:

  • one of the lowest spreads on the market, combined with high leverage at 1: 500;
  • instant execution of orders without any slippage;
  • accreditation;
  • geographic focus - the company already has 6 offices around the world;
  • round-the-clock customer support;
  • 10 trading functions on one account and access to more than 200 trading assets for earnings in the financial markets;
  • 100% safety and security of funds;
  • daily analytics and market reviews with trading recommendations provided by pros with many years of experience.

Customer funds are held in independent accounts at Westpac, Barclays, Santander, Unicredit, BNP Paribas and other world-class banking institutions. These banks are completely independent and do not support the obligations of the AXEINVEST group to their customers.

An automated risk management system allows customers to forget about a negative bill. More than the funds that are on deposit, the trader will never lose!

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Despite its small length of service, Ave Invest has already acquired 5 with prestigious world awards.


The first step to start trading is to open an account, and this simple process requires you to enter some personal information, such as your first and last name, email address and phone number. Additional information as well as proof of identity may be required from you at any time. will maintain the confidentiality of all your personal data that the broker collects, including age, occupation, or marital status. You may be required to provide copies of IDs, passports, and photographs in accordance with any policies, laws, or regulations that require the delivery of such documents.

You have no obligation to send them, but if you do not, you will not be able to finally open an account and trade online. In addition, it is important to inform the broker about your personal data as soon as something important changes, so that your profile is always up-to-date and in accordance with the requirements of any law.

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To become a full-fledged client, you need to complete the first step in Registration - filling out a profile and information about yourself. To do this, click on the upper right button of the official site "Sigh Up".

To do this, fill in the following data:

  • Name and Surname;
  • Country of Residence;
  • E-mail address;
  • Mobile phone number;
  • password to access the future personal account.

In principle, the procedure is standard, as in all other brokers. Also, you need to first study the Privacy Policy, the Rules and confirm your coming of age.

I draw your attention that the policy of the company is allowed to register only to persons who have reached 18 years. If you have not reached the age and entered the site by mistake, you should stop using the site and immediately inform the company's security service.

When there is a suspicion of fraud or breach of trade operations performed by the user, the privacy policy allows the broker’s security service to disclose your personal data as necessary, including for lending to reference and fraud prevention agencies.

Account Types

Trading conditions will vary depending on the type of trading account that will be assigned to you based on the amount you are replenishing.

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The company’s regulations provide for six trading accounts:

  • Micro - need to replenish an account in an amount from 250 to 4999 dollars;
  • Standard - you need to replenish the account in the amount from 5000 to 24999 dollars;
  • Platinum - you need to replenish the account in the amount from 25000 to 49999 dollars;
  • Premium - you need to replenish an account in an amount from 50000 to 99999 dollars;
  • VIP - you need to replenish the account in the amount from 250000 to 499999 dollars;
  • Business - you need to replenish the account in the amount of 500000 dollars.

Absolutely for all account types, without exception, round-the-clock technical support service, personal manager (but for the first two accounts it is limited in time), access to the academy (partial or full depending on the type), the minimum lot size in 0,01, fixed spreads are assumed.

The only significant difference is in the choice of leverage. The higher the status of the account, the higher the leverage. For example, on Micro it is 1: 100, and for Business accounts it is already 1: 1000!


The conclusion of transactions in the terminal occurs on three types of trading platforms:

  • Classic terminal Meatrader 4, which can be downloaded and installed directly from the official website of the broker Ax Invest;
  • Web terminal for online trading WebTrader;
  • Mobile terminal versions for smartphones and tablets based on iOS and Android operating systems.

Since we are already familiar with the metattrader, I’d rather focus on the WebTrader terminal of my own design. It looks like this:

otzyv na Ax Invest 6

Access to it is open even without registration, so you can see and familiarize yourself with it without any risks. But in order to enter into transactions, you will need to open a live trading account.

In the left pane there is a selection of a trading asset, which will display the chart on the right and deal making. Choose from CFD contracts, Forex and Crypto assets. Benefit Ax Invest provided the broadest selection of assets for earnings.

To the right of it is a graph, which you can customize at your discretion:

  • candlestick or linear type of display;
  • 9 timeframes from 1 minutes to 1 months.

Below is a panel for making deals. Clicking on the Settings icon to the right of the graph, a panel for market analysis appears. Here you can plot the presented indicators (17 pieces) and build support and resistance lines.

In general, no complaints about this terminal arose during the testing. It is a decent and workable platform.

Moving on to the following trading opportunities with broker Ave Invest. Earlier, I mentioned that there are many additional tools for market analysis.

The Live News section features breaking news and analytic news, comments and articles that will help you interpret economic data in real time. They change online, depending on the mood and trends in the market.

In addition, the company Ax Invest is one of the only of its kind, which presented Social Trading.

Social Trading is one of the newest trends in financial markets, where people can communicate, interact, discuss and make profits in a community-oriented trading environment in real time.

For the convenience of conducting not only market analysis, but also making deals for beginners, the built-in calculators are presented on the trading platform:

otzyv na Ax Invest 7

The Ax Invest Margin Calculator allows you to accurately calculate your margin size to guarantee the position you would like to open. This is important because it allows you to control and understand whether you need to reduce the lot size you are trading or leverage in order not to exceed your trading account balance. Just enter the lot size, leverage, currency pair, account currency and click the "Calculate" button to determine the required margin.

Many people care about the tax aspect. It is better to clarify directly in the legislation of your country of residence. For example, in Ukraine it is an income tax for individuals, it is 15%. An individual pays tax on his own by submitting a tax return at the end of the year.

Trading on the WebTrader platform from Ave Invest is possible only on weekdays, on weekends and holidays the stock exchange is closed and trading is closed.

The international currency market (Forex) is open from 22: 00 GMT on Sunday (opening of the Australian trading session) to 22: 00 GMT on Friday (closing the US trading session).

Trading Academy includes:

  • Webinars;
  • Trading signals;
  • EBooks;
  • Forex Glossary;
  • Educational videos.

Traders of all levels can benefit by acquiring best practice tips from the Academy’s web pages, or attending company seminars, webinars or exhibitions.

otzyv na Ax Invest 8

Signals are trading settings with detailed information that helps you place and manage trades from start to finish. Trading signals are fully automated. This completely eliminates the emotional component, which has already ruined many deposits of novice traders.

Many traders have the skills to develop a reliable trading strategy, but they often lack discipline. In addition to such trading recommendations, you get a subjective analysis of each signal provided by the analyst.

The broker has prepared a series of carefully selected and high-quality informational videos, offering valuable information about the trading environment. This will help beginners to understand the basic essence of trading and start earning from the very first days of a career!

Enter and withdraw profit

The following payment systems are available:

otzyv na Ax Invest 9

Deposit replenishment occurs instantly, but for registration of your first application for withdrawal of profit you need to provide data confirming your identity. This is the Verification procedure.

A broker seeks to ensure the integrity of any sensitive data that it receives, such as information about your account and transactions that you perform using various security measures and fraud protection measures. Protecting your electronic transactions requires the security service to receive certain data from you, including your preferred deposit method.

  • ID confirmation.

Government-Issued Photo ID: An international passport or national ID (front and back) clearly showing your full name, date of birth, signature, photo, date of issue and valid expiration date, and MRZ lines, if applicable. Your name must match the name you entered on the application.

otzyv na Ax Invest 10

  • Confirmation of residence.

A utility bill (ie gas, electricity, landline telephone, Internet, taxes) or a bank statement / credit card statement from the last three months. Your proof of residence must correspond to the name and address indicated on your application.

otzyv na Ax Invest 11

  • Confirmation of a bank card, which will be used for deposit / withdrawal transactions.

If you decide to fund your merchant account with a credit / debit card, a copy on both sides with your name, expiration date, the last four digits on the front and a signature on the back will be required. This is necessary so that payments and withdrawals are made only from the Card you have.

otzyv na Ax Invest 12

Scan or photograph your credit card. It is allowed to close the code on the back of the CVV, as well as the first 8 digits in the card number. But the name of the cardholder and its validity must be clearly shown.

  • Bank transfer confirmation.

otzyv na Ax Invest 13

If you decide to transfer funds through a bank transfer - provide the bank with a wire confirmation.

Also broker Ax Invest has its own criteria for the documentation sent. If they are not respected, the security service will ask you to reshoot and resend:

  • Scan or high resolution digital photo;
  • Color copy;
  • All four edges are visible;
  • Use * .jpg, * .jpeg, * .png, * .gif, * .pdf, * .tif, * .tiff, * .doc, * .docx or * .rt.

As for the timing, the broker does not have any restrictions on this issue. But it is better if you provide all the above documents as soon as possible. The faster the Verification is completed, the sooner you will be able to withdraw your first earnings on the broker platform Ax Invest.

The minimum withdrawal amount for electronic payment systems is 50 dollars / euro / pounds, for bank cards - 25 dollars / euro / pounds.

If you have any questions, you can contact the technical support service in one of the following ways:

  • feedback form on the official website of the broker;
  • call the phone number + 442080893060 (UK) or + 41225017515 (Switzerland);
  • write to


The company Ax Invest makes the impression of decent earnings in the financial markets. It has several trading platforms to choose from, an extensive trading academy, high-quality analytics and trading signals. I hope that the broker will continue to develop in this direction and rise to a high level!