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The market of binary options is of interest to many users. On it it is really possible to receive good profit though it is necessary to work much. But the question arises: where from the network so many negative reviews about trading? The fact is that in the BO market, as elsewhere, there is a huge number of swindlers. One of them - the broker Binatex reviews about which are mostly custom-made. Today I would like to warn you against cooperation with this dubious office.

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What is Binatex

moshenniki binatex otzvy 1

At first glance, everything looks tempting. When you go to the Binatex website, you will be promised gold mountains. The broker is proud of his awards, which, however, no one has seen, and offers 150% per month net profit. To convince the beginner to part with money faster, Binatex will show a luring movie. He pays special attention to the following advantages:

• User-friendly interface, allowing beginners to quickly orient themselves.

• Availability of a demo account.

• The minimum entry threshold is 10 dollars.

Convenience of the interface is a controversial issue: the newcomer, who visited the site for the first time, finds it difficult to find the necessary information. As for the demo account, it's just a toy, just expensive. As soon as it comes to trading for real money, the results of the work will be completely different.

What's the catch

If you still begin to trade with this broker, frustration will come quickly. Once you sign up and replenish your account, you will simply be forgotten. The support service, which, if you believe advertising, works 24 hours a day, you can not hope. Judging by the feedback of new users, it is not going to support anyone other than the creators of the grief project.

Do not be happy and the strategy that offers customers Binatex. In addition, they love to paint quotes. In most cases, players quickly merge the deposit, and all ends with a complete disappointment in trading.

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If you were one of the rare lucky ones who could earn from Binatex, do not rush to rejoice. The broker promises to withdraw funds within three days, but these are only words.

In their responses, people write that even small amounts have to wait three to four weeks, and not everyone can wait for their money. The accounts of disaffected, who dare to express a fair indignation, the broker simply blocks. But replenish the account can be surprisingly easy. In addition, many complain that verification is requested at each attempt to withdraw funds, although everywhere it is enough once.

How not to fall for a scam

Unfortunately, there are enough companies on the market, such as Binatex, so please: be cautious. Their creators have a very approximate concept of trading, but greed and the desire to fill the pocket at the expense of credulous newcomers go off scale. Trading binary options, as well as stock trading in general, attracts many impure dealers. To achieve success in it, you need to learn to bypass the many pitfalls.

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Before choosing a broker, visit the forums, read reviews of other players. Do not be tempted by too generous offers: to entice newcomers to their scam, the swindler will promise anything. Prefer companies with a professional trading terminal that are open to communication with the client and are ready to provide any documents at his request.

Unfortunately, Binatex does not apply to such brokers. It remains to be hoped that time will put everything in its place and fraudulent projects that undermine confidence in trading will leave the market. Working with a reliable and trusted company, you can forget about the danger of becoming a victim of deception and start earning on binary options.