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The opportunities for earning in the network, which no one had believed before, have become a reality for a long time. But scammers who want to profit from trusting newcomers, too, a lot. Therefore, there are negative reviews of people who are disappointed in the Forex trade after talking to the mountain-businessmen. One of such dubious projects - DarCapital, offering another miracle scheme of instant enrichment. At your request, dear colleagues, I would like to talk a little about it.

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What is the DarCapital program and what is its meaning

The creator of the resource is Yuri Dobrovolsky, who offers to trade crypt and binary options. He called his offspring very beautiful: on the Internet the project is promoted as a program of social assistance to the unprotected layers of the population. In fact, no one, except scammers, DarCapital is not going to help. Even a not very experienced user of the worldwide network will be able to see on this site all the signs of a scam:

• Unpresentable appearance of the main page.

• An incomprehensible syllable, difficult to perceive.

• Grammar mistakes that even high school students do not allow.

• A large number of pictures that interfere with reading.

• Advertising of questionable brokers and other companies, of which there are many bad reviews.

It becomes even more interesting when one still understands the essence of what is written. People are offered a unique program that will start making money from the very first day. You can test it for free. But then, excuse me, will have to part with a decent amount to bring it into account one of the dubious partners of Yuri Dobrovolsky.

To the potential victim thought faster, the creator of the project warns: there are not enough vacant seats! On some users, this simple trick works flawlessly. But even if you are interested in this proposal, I advise you not to hurry. Believe me, when you come to the site in a couple of days, the place will be found to you.

Activation of the system to obtain free profits - a pleasure not cheap. To play a scam, you will have to give Dobrovolsky and 350 dollars to the company. It is a gift, because after crediting the money you will quickly help to merge the deposit.

If you earn something with free testing, you should not flatter yourself. Similar programs are created in such a way that a person constantly wins. To stimulate naive newcomers special bonuses are accrued, which, of course, will only be virtual bonuses.
Do not impress and the feedback of supposedly customers. Check their reliability is no possibility, and indeed necessary. Of course, most users of these pieces of text have nothing but smiles to call. But people are persistently trying to zombify, claiming that even a schoolboy here will start earning several thousand dollars a day.

About brokers and cloning

Of course, the program DarCapital is designed for people inexperienced. Users who are not the first day in trading, have already heard about the infamous brokers advertised by the author of the project:

1. BiFoBroker.
2. AMOTrader.
3. FTO Capital.

All of them are on the blacklist, so you will have big problems with withdrawing money. Unfair brokers will delay the process under various pretexts, and eventually disappear completely out of sight.

It is worth paying attention to the phenomenon of cloning sites. Unfair resources change their name from time to time so that the new participant does not have time to read negative reviews and be on the alert. For example, the DarCapital program was first called DarKapital. It is possible that in the near future the project will completely change its name. The design remains similar, usually scammers are too lazy to work on it.

But the essence of this will not change: the new participant is offered to invest a certain amount and lie quietly on the couch, counting the profit. Unfortunately, some are kept at the promise of a freebie, and new visitors come to these false resources.

Why you can not trust the project DarKapital

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Honestly, I never believed that someone could believe in this nonsense and invest at least a ruble. But illiterate crooks do not intend to surrender, so I advise you to be vigilant. It should also be cautious that there is no feedback on the site. If you want to ask a question, you will not find any contacts, only general information about the mythical profits of the participants.

But you will be asked to provide a phone number and an email address when registering. From this, too, nothing good can not wait. On the e-mail, you will be thrown with spam, and the phone will begin to interrupt dubious offices with offers of cooperation. Such financial pyramids not only will not help to earn, but they will completely empty the wallet.

About the provision of documents and round the clock support, which provides serious partners, it is not necessary and dream. Even when buying a kettle in the store you get more guarantees than when dealing with DarCapital.

Although no, some information on the site still available. You are immediately warned that trading is a business with a high level of risk, and the creators of the program do not guarantee anything. It is also indicated that the services are provided in the territory of the Seychelles, and the agreement is concluded there as well. So it will be difficult to file a claim, because there are hardly any people wishing to go to sign an agreement with the Seychelles.

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After getting acquainted with the DarCapital's crypto currency project, I made a disappointing conclusion. This is another way of weaning money from the population, and its creator did not bother to come up with anything new. I can advise not to invest in such "magic" programs a penny. It's best to go past the crooks who are trying to breed novice traders. Also I do not recommend trusting the numerous paid courses, which are not offered only by the lazy one.

If you do not know how to do anything and do not try to learn anything, but wait for easy money, sooner or later you will probably be divorced. The only way to ensure a stable decent earnings is to learn the basics of exchange trading, gain experience, choose reliable brokers. If you give at least a little time to your development, you will certainly succeed and start trading with profit.

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