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Hello, traders and not only. Today I want to draw your attention to the site This platform is engaged in advertising "black" brokers, that is, companies that by any means take away the funds invested by customers.

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Reviews of in the Internet, are not represented anywhere, therefore for an objective estimation I had to search for reviews on English-language thematic sites.

In general, we managed to find out the following:

1. The brokers presented on the site are fraudulent and will not allow the trader to withdraw his money.

2. The activities of these organizations are not regulated by anyone. Also on the websites of companies there is no information about the actual owners.

3. All companies listed on are registered in offshore zones, mainly in Cyprus. This means that in the event of conflict situations, the trader will not be able to make any claims to anyone.

4. About each company you can find reasoned negative reviews of real clients. Representatives of companies do not give a clear explanation for the disputed points.

Will you cooperate with such a company? The answer can be unambiguous - no! - Information debris intended for naive novice traders. The companies presented on the website conduct on the Internet not legitimate activities. The registration of each organization in Cyprus makes them virtually inaccessible to other jurisdictions.

Why are these companies represented on the site These companies pay money for advertising on the site investoo. This fact also indicates that even invested funds can not be returned in practice.

On the site it is not possible to find any worthy broker.

Also on the site you can see advertising of many trading robots, which will help to quickly lose the invested money.

My advice to you, if you want to use any automated trading system, go to and try to find it there. If the program is listed, then it's better not to even think about using it!

Fortunately, the site is not popular among Russian-speaking traders. Unfortunately, they are very popular with English-speaking traders. Because of these sites, the entire trading industry and brokers are suffering, which are honest with their customers.

And by this time my personal check was only robot Abi >>>

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Read the review, see the video report!