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Received an interesting letter from Maria, with her consent published it on her website. I consider this story very informative and useful, both to regular readers of my site, and to beginners.

Hello! I'm an ordinary student. As it usually happens with students, I wanted to somehow earn some money.

I saw a lot of advertising in social networks, where they promised easy money with binary options, but never believed. Now I think that it was wrong - you just had to find a normal broker.

I was "lucky" from the very beginning: like everyone else, I trusted a popular site Nachitalas reviews on about how everyone can easily earn money and decided to try "easy money".

If you go to them, then everything is very beautiful and neat: bright pictures, many articles.

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But it's all nonsense when you try to find some useful information. For example, you go to the section "How to Trade", and like a lot of things: advice, interviews, reviews ... But nothing has been published in the case. I would have known earlier that all this - a simple zamanuha. Even the translation from English is clumsy, the comments under the posts are empty, and the site itself "hangs" all the time.

Well, I still decided to try it, I chose the first broker I got.

After registration, I immediately called the manager. I was just thinking: "Well, wow!", But I was happy early, as they say.

First he proposed to refill the account for 50 $ and work together. Now I understand that it was necessary to consider the contract: then did not even think about how to become like money to withdraw. It does not matter, in general, collected these 50 $, and the first transaction was really profitable. Of course, I believed that this broker helped me.

He called me back and said that he would consult me ​​in a couple of days. He really called me back, I made a profit again. My head raved with delight, and he says: "Maria, I have more profitable customers, it's not interesting for me to work with you."

I tried to make deals myself, but I did not succeed, I tried the strategies and signals with site Then they explained to me that the brokers and robots represented on this site are a deception for pumping money. If you get money there, you'll have to forget about them, forever.

I ran out of money then, I told you about the sad experience on my Facebook page. I was contacted by my school friend, laughed a little at me, and then gave a link to autocrypto-bot

He explained to me that such black sites, like, are made just to cash in on newbies like me. The creators of the site deliberately cooperate with scammers, which have nothing to do with binary options, forex and CFD. If you look at the accounts of these scammers, they are registered in the offshore, on the banana islands. Now the account on the offshore can open any rascal, I now know it and do not trust it.

Now I have been selling for more than half a year with the help of robot autocrypto-bot, figured out the settings and nuances of trade with the help of a manager and a friend. Monthly I have a profit and deduce the earned on a purse WebMoney. The amount of earnings for the student is simply cosmic.

Learn from my mistakes and carefully look where you invest! I wish you successful investments.

- Maria