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Kind time of the day, dear users! Today I propose to pay attention to an extremely suspicious site legalbinaryrobots. As a rule, before I express my opinion about any brokerage company, trading robot or just a strategy for earning money in financial markets, I carefully study the materials and reviews of real users. Today I want to draw the majority's attention to the site of legalbinaryrobots, where many novice passive seekers continue to lose money!

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What is the legalbinary robots platform?

Drawing attention to the many negative reviews on the network about this resource, I decided to start my own investigation. The legalbinary robots site positions itself as a site on which the best automated trading systems of binary options are carefully selected. The profitability of the represented trading robots is not confirmed by anything, except for the published words of the author of the site. About Crypto Robot 365 и Binary Robot 365 I told you earlier, having entrusted your money to these trading robots, you will lose them forever! It was necessary to study the principle of each trading program independently and it turned out that they are all fraudulent. Some simply merge user deposits, with a very short time, while others do not allow cashing out the earned funds.

In addition, it turned out that there is still an English version of this site on another hosting and under a different domain. The most interesting is that the programs proposed for trading are completely different!

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According to the creators of the legalbinary robots resource, each trading robot presented on the site is capable of generating huge profits - up to 100% per month. This statement already raises a number of doubts. Without the use of Martingale's tactics and other similar methods, such indicators are impossible to achieve, not to mention the fact that the practical use of such strategies sooner or later leads to the loss of all starting capital. In the course of my research it also became clear that some of the tools work contrary to the norms of money management. The risk per transaction can reach 40% of the deposit! It is unacceptable!

After a detailed study of the platform legalbinaryrobots formed an accurate opinion - this is another kitchen, the creators of which are interested in 100% loss of deposit trusting users. In order not to replenish the ranks of victims of this fraudulent structure, it is recommended to stay away from similar projects and the site of legalbinaryrobots in particular.

Why do users still invest money

It is known that beginners and simply fans of easy passive earnings in the network want to quickly enrich themselves at the expense of financial markets, without investing in education and work, almost no effort. Scammers use this. The website legalbinaryrobots published many articles of an advertising nature that literally make the user believe in the reliability of the represented trading robots and invest their own savings.

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Promotion of fraudulent service is facilitated by advertising paid by the administration in google adwords, which daily attracts thousands of new users to the site! But using trading robots from legalbinaryrobots It will be possible to reach only the loss of funds invested. I would like that after reading my article, beginning traders open their eyes to what is happening and stop sponsoring fraudulent organizations. Success in any business requires a lot of work and the result will not be long in coming. You should spend time learning and proven trading robots. It is appropriate to recall the well-known expression: "free cheese only in a mousetrap"!

And by this time my personal check was only robot Abi >>>

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