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The first and most significant disadvantage for me is a small work experience of the company. I always do not pay attention to this first thing. After all, you can write and advertise yourself as you like, but in reality, reliability and quality can only be checked by time. Only after a while, if the company conducts dishonest activities, it will necessarily be brought to light thanks to complaints from users who, unfortunately, fell for the bait of scammers. To those I want to include a broker

fx primus fdf 1 en

Yes, having a free VPS is all great. But what is the point, if the company does not provide its services at the proper level?

The official site is a visiting card of any company. Well, if it is translated with errors or not completely, then it already says that the company does not pay due attention to its conditions.

Here cases with delays or even a failure in the withdrawal of funds are not uncommon. And this is confirmed by the numerous negative reviews in the network. By the way about the reviews. I personally saw it when representatives of this broker cleaned such comments on the forums, leaving only positive ones. I went one day to the trader's forum, saw a detailed and quite logical feedback against this company. A couple of days later he disappeared! I understand that the broker does not want to damage the reputation, but why act like such nasty ways!

fx primus s main otzuvu negativ

Now let's proceed to the analysis of flights concerning the work of the trading terminal. When I registered, already immediately on the demo you can see slips and hangs. If you are trading on scalping systems, then you can immediately forget about the profit with such a broker. It seems that he specifically made an unreliable connection, so that his clients lose money on such "technical malfunctions."

I wrote about it to the technical support. As a result, I waited a long time for an answer to my request. Read other opinions on the forums - I'm not the only one that the technical support service ignores. Moreover, people have more serious problems - the company refuses not only to withdraw money, but also remains silent on requests to understand the situation.

Some traders do not expect their money for three weeks at all. It's a pity such people, because no one is to blame for having run into such fraudsters as fxprimus!

But back to the topic of slippage. I had 400 dollars on my account. And you know what? Because of these hangs and the constantly changing spread, I merged it for 2 weeks! And no, I have enough experience, I have been trading in Forex for several years successfully and in a stable plus. All the other brokers that I tested, I earned and withdrew my profits. But only at fxprimus the situation was completely opposite! Well, you see, this already says a lot!

 fx primus fdf 2 en 

I recommend strongly withdrawing all your funds from there, before it's too late. On the forums, I found a lot of evidence that this is not a broker, but the next financial pyramid. Delaying a little more, you can and do not see your investment.

Summing up, I highly recommend that you not contact such an unreliable company, as you can see with your naked eye all the company's shortcomings, which are so carefully covered with specially hired employees who clean reviews in many forums. Agree that it looks extremely suspicious that on many sites you will find only only positive comments. Well, there is no such thing in reality! Therefore, it is better to pay attention to other companies that have been tested and recommended by me.