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Good afternoon, dear users of the network and especially visitors to my site! Recently, several resources appeared, allegedly leading an active fight against speculators in the trading market, one of them In fact, some of them are scammers who breed people for money. From such extortioners also affected my resource

The negative feedback on it is written by the creators of the site Binarnieaferisti. Today I would like to talk a little about it. As already known to us a comrade from Seoseed, they are engaged in spreading slander and pouring mud on other people's resources, by the way, quite popular and trust.

Of course, experienced traders can not mislead such misleading sites, but beginners sometimes doubt. I can say that recently the number of geniuses, stamping talentless resources with a bunch of mistakes, grow like mushrooms after the rain. Thanks to them on the Internet began to appear so many lies that people generally cease to trust trading.

binarnie aferisti

Forumoption and Binarnieaferisti: eggs from one basket

Like all scammers, the creators of the project "Binary swindlers"Are very proud of themselves and their brainchild. They have awarded several virtual medals and are trying to impress the visitor. At the same time, he is actively encouraged to cooperate with a broker Forumoption. I think you've already heard about this fraudulent company, which has a lot of complaints on the net.

binarnie aferisti

You may wonder why such a touching care for the broker. It's simple: both resources belong to the same owner. When Binarnieaferisti blacks out other projects, it receives traffic. This traffic is sent to to the Forumoption broker. Moreover, Chernukha is written primarily on sites that have put the company on the blacklist.

Where the legs grow

Of course, everyone chooses his own way. I prefer to do good to people, so I helped many to return money from scammers thanks to chargeback procedure. But it is easier for some to write chernushnye reviews and spoil the life of others.

I regularly seek information, write reviews and articles, which can be useful for colleagues. Binary swindlers prefer to make money on exposures, fraud and customized reviews. They spend a lot of money in order to drive players to the worst brokers. As a result, people who have already been burned on websites Always Plus, Vulkan ltd , - Crypto Robot 365 , East 3, Terah online, Hunter FX, Opera System and others, suffer even more.

I had to work hard to make my site useful and informative. I always try to be objective and sometimes even discourage some players from entering the financial market. Thanks to some experience, I know a lot about binary options, the Forex market and the brokers who work for them.

People who come to my site know that they will not be deceived. In addition, they realize that trading is always connected with risk, and break-even miracle strategies and million-dollar earnings per hour does not exist in nature.

Binarnieaferisti Section "Top-brokers": who enters it

Here the author of the project is trying to cut down the money on the most by unfair advertising. He actively praises the brokers he works with. In the proof even some screens are given. In fact, the broker just pays the creators of the site every month, and it's in the hat.

binarnie aferisti

There is only one way out of this. Binarnieaferisti - A deliberately fraudulent project that promotes unscrupulous companies and extorts money from those who work honestly. No help for traders is out of the question. In the number of the best gets a broker, who pays more.