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super simple bot

The existence of trading robots is known to both experienced traders and beginners. There are many automatic advisors on the market, and today I would like to tell you about one of them. Unfortunately, this is another scam with an intriguing name The Super Simple Bot.

Although the name is quite suitable: the creators of the scam did not invent anything new. For a moderate fee, users are offered a magic button. It is worth pressing, and all problems with money will be solved! It's strange that such a wonderful way to solve financial difficulties has not yet been recognized by the government.

What is Super Simple Bot

super simple bot

When colleagues ask my opinion about trading robots, I advise you to approach their choice very carefully. There are people who negatively treat all bots, but among them there are quite working options. For example, Autocrypto-Bot, Abi or Forex-Lady familiar to many traders and well-proven.

Perhaps, one who believes that absolutely all robots are a scam, just expect too much from them. But a miracle-button that allows you to get rich in an instant, does not exist. No one will come and will not bring us, the traders, money just like that. The automatic advisor is not a magician, it's just a tool for work, a program that can fail. Bots are designed to make it easier for market participants to work and they can rest a little.

Like any work, trading on the exchange requires knowledge, patience, effort. Quickly you can only spend, earn much more difficult. But let's move closer to the topic of our conversation.

A little about trading

super simple bot

I must say that Super Simple Bot has nothing to do with professional trading. But we are not the first day we work in the market of binary options and do not expect magic leprechauns with bags of money. Trading is a serious matter, clicking on buttons and just hoping for automatic advisors is not enough here. Nevertheless, there are quite a few people, especially beginners, who do not want to make an effort and prefer to believe in a miracle.

super simple bot

Now with regard to trade indicators. In my opinion, using six indicators in the work is just insanity. Such tools are not able to predict the future. If you add Martingale to them, you can immediately say goodbye to the deposit: its drain will not take much time.
I think you understand the purpose of these six indicators. They are needed to make the trader feel busy. While you are having fun, the deposit will merge in favor of the broker. A person creates the illusion of a serious trade, but in reality it has nothing to do with trading.

A few words about brokers

Now let's talk a little about brokerage companies working with Super Simple Bot. When I saw their list on the bot website, I was surprised. In one place the famous lohotrons have gathered. Virtually all brokers mentioned on the site, the reputation is heavily soaked. But some newcomers about this do not know what the project creators really count on.

Even statistics prove that 90% of such companies are ordinary fraudsters, and it's almost impossible to withdraw money from them. Although you, of course, know this as well as I do.

How to cheat on a demo account

super simple bot vnutri pcs 4

To make sure that Super Simple Bot is a common scam, it's enough to test a demo account. When you start trading on it, money (though virtual) will flow like a river. But when a market participant, inspired by such a success, opens a real account, everything changes at once. The fact is that the robot simply forges the results of the trade, drawing the desired figures. As a result, an unprofitable trade instantly becomes profitable.
In general, this is all I wanted to tell about the bot Super Simple. This robot - another scam, designed for the divorce of gullible newcomers. This is confirmed by the feedback, which is already a lot in the network. Everyone who tried to deal with him, waiting for disappointment and quick loss of money. Although there are people who manage to make money on a fraudulent project - this is its creators.

If you came to the trading market seriously and for a long time, I advise you to immediately get rid of illusions. Pink glasses have not helped anyone in the trade, and can easily be prevented. A commercial bot can bring real benefits, but be careful when choosing it.

super simple bot

There are a lot of automatic advisors, and it is difficult for a newcomer to decide. So collect as much information as possible, read the forums, consult your colleagues. It is worth considering that scammers do not snooze, and new bots that just bred people for money, appear daily. If you look at blacklists, you can see for yourself.

Do not waste time and money working with unproven programs. Learn new, do self-education, find good courses. If you are inclined to development, you can read my articles. I hope they can help you in the trade.

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