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The Internet brings great benefits to humanity. But scammers on its expanse are also operating a lot. One of them is the site EURO GARANT, offering anyone who wants an instant and very decent earnings. Today I would like to tell a little about him, to warn you against a mistake.

What is Euro Garant?

From the interest you can go to the site, which is located at: On this resource you make an attractive offer - in addition to earn 1 700 dollars a day. However, in addition to what, history is silent. Independently in this do not understand: even from the video it is impossible to understand anything. This is the first sign of scam, besides the abundance of aggressive advertising is very hampered.

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It can be concluded that this is another fraudulent site, moreover, its creator definitely has problems with imagination. All his projects are like twins.

I must say that the site looks good. It could have been put for good purposes, but the author chose to breed newcomers. Although signs of scam will be able to detect even novice users. In the commercial is a primitive psychological treatment: you are promised a huge profit with minimal investment. Do not need any experience or knowledge of the basics of trading - just fill up the pocket of the creators of the project, and you will be happy.

Testing the project

We will try to find out what is offered to us. It's simple - to trade on the stock exchange. To get rich, you first need to buy a robot called EURO GARANT. They are offered three types: gold, silver and platinum. The price of an automatic assistant is from 100 to 300 dollars. But lucky people, which include all visitors to the site, can get the cheapest option for free.

euro garant vnutri tipu scetov 3

If you decide to use the offer, you need to register and enter the activation code. Thus, you tell scammers your phone, which will begin to receive a lot of advertising junk.

As for the bot, do not hesitate - while you are training in the test mode, virtual money will simply pour in. But as soon as you replenish your account, the situation will change somewhat. In such cases, the deposit merges instantly.

As a result, you can lose tens of thousands on this scam. Do not think that there is anything on the stock exchange. This is for honest trading, and we are dealing with ordinary fraud. No miracle robot in nature exists, we are trying to roll a pacifier in a beautiful wrapper. So I do not advise you to contact this scam at all.

And by this time my personal check was only robot Abi >>>

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