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Colleagues-traders have long asked me about the brokerage company FXIBA. I could not leave your requests without attention and prepared a little material. He will help us understand together what kind of broker is and whether he should be trusted.

I must say that the traders have a lot of claims to this company. People complain about problems with withdrawal of money, weak support and doubt its reliability. It remains to be seen whether everything is really bad.

FXIBA broker: what is it

As you know, some feedback is not enough to make the right opinion about the company. Both positive and negative reviews are often custom-made, and people can write them under the influence of emotions. We need to find the truth, so first of all it's worth visiting the company's website. At the broker FXIBA this is the portal

First of all, I flip through the page to the end and find the date of creating the resource. We immediately see that the portal was created in 2010 year:

fxiba scam vnutri 22

It remains to be seen whether this is really so. After all, it is known that one who lies in a small, can easily deceive and in the big. It is not difficult to check the information. I advise you to keep a useful service in the bookmarks: It is useful in everyday life, and if you plan to seriously engage in trading, such an assistant will be needed.

When you go to this resource, in a special field you must enter the address of the desired site. In our case this is When the address is entered, it remains to press the "Check" button. After that we will see the result:

fxiba scam vnutri 33

Comments, as they say, are superfluous. If the broker does not have a year, and he ascribes to himself many years of experience, I will never open a deposit with him.

Some of my colleagues will think that this is an accident and such a trifle does not deserve attention. Indeed, it is important for us to understand the situation thoroughly. Let's continue to study the company FXIBA.

What does FXIBA broker do?

The next thing that interests us is the profile of the company. First of all, FXIBA positions itself as a broker in the Forex market. Traders are offered to trade the following assets:

• Currency pairs. There are five of them on the website: USD / JPY, EUR / USD, EUR / GBR, GBR / USD and USD / CH. The leverage of the broker is 1: 100, and the spread is 3-4 points.

• Stock indices. We will never know how many of them there are. But among them the company mentions such as DAX 300, FTSE 100.

• Contracts for Price Difference. No, I was not mistaken: just like that, every word with a capital letter, FXIBA calls ordinary CFD-contracts.

• Securities. The broker is proud to offer trading in Google, Apple and Facebook. In total, according to the company, more than 200 of such assets are offered from Europe and the USA.

• Commodities. The site has a fun quote that invites everyone to trade, starting with orange juice and ending with gas. True, I found none of these tools available.

I consider this list questionable. My opinion about the company FXIBA reviews also confirm. But for us the main thing is objectivity, so I showed patience and continued my research.

When I went to the section "Types of accounts", my surprise was limitless. It turns out that this broker has even an Islamic account! Respect for people who profess the Muslim faith, is worthy of praise, but everything else is not pleased. Traders are offered to open another 4 type of accounts:

1. Silver with a minimum deposit of 2 000 dollars.
2. Golden for 5 000 dollars.
3. Platinum on 10 000 dollars.
4. VIP package that will empty the client's wallet for 20 000 dollars.

People's lips are not stupid, are they? Indeed, they hunt the customers in full. And in the hilling doubt. You can read the user agreement, which, however, is written in English. There is one more interesting document called "Risk Warning". Here everything is written in Russian.

It turns out that the prices of assets indicated on the website at the time of commencement of trade may be quite different from any other market price. In addition, within certain time intervals there may be differences in cost.

If you have not figured out the essence of the scam, I'll explain. Let's imagine that the price of the asset on the transaction you opened did not reach a profit on the 1-2 point. Then there was a turn and the price of your feet knocked out. It is possible and another situation, when the cost knocked out the foot, and then there was a turn.
I understand, it's hard to imagine in words, but try to open an order for 1 000 dollars. Believe me, the result will be tangible.

In such situations, there is always suspicion. As a result, for example, you can open a terminal from Forex4you or see a live chart. Here it becomes clear that your feet are knocked out completely in the wrong place in which the price has unfolded.

In this case, the trader is likely to write a claim to the support service. But the result, alas, will not make you happy. Of course, the answer will be polite, but its essence will be this: we warned you, ourselves to blame.

All this reminds the situation with Kappa Brokers, when the court, the prosecutor's office and other instances can not help get the money back. Even contact data from the swindlers FXIBA no, there is only a phone number in the UK: + 44-203-4325958.

Complaints and feedback on FXIBA broker

Reviews and complaints about the company is easy to find, here is one example:

fxiba scam vnutri 44

This is relative to what I wrote above. There is still a review of problems with withdrawal of money:

fxiba scam vnutri 55

I hope my article will help you in the trade. If you want to share your opinion about the fraudster FXIBA, please write in the comments. All successful trades and reliable partners!

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