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There are a lot of brokers in the Forex market. One of them is the company AllegraMarkets reviews about which on the Internet are contradictory. Since I was asked about it by novice traders, I decided to figure out what kind of office it was. The broker's website told me a lot.


In advance I apologize to you for the fact that I can not physically check all the companies that you are interested in. But I could not pass by this swindler. The fact that the broker is working in bad faith, it became clear immediately. To suspect an out of the blue can not even be an experienced trader. Let's try to figure it out together.

General overview of the AllegraMarkets scam

At first glance, everything looks decent. It is not by chance that many newcomers are imbued with confidence in the scammers. On the site the broker colorfully describes its advantages:

• The presence of 13 representative offices, which is quite a lot even for solid companies.
• The experience of trading on the market is 8 years. True, on which, AllegraMarkets does not specify.
• A huge number of satisfied customers. Just think, 254 678 people!

There are other tempting moments. The broker promises direct access to bank liquidity, as well as the best prices in the market. Happy newcomers look forward to a good profit and begin to register. This entourage has already confused many traders.

How scammers work

But the observant will find a lot of suspicious. First, look at the dates on the site. Although it's already 2018 year, the AllegraMarkets page still has 2016-2017 years. This may seem like a minor trifle, but respectable companies monitor such things and regularly update information on the site.

The client is persuaded by all truths and falsities to make a deposit. When the account is replenished, a person can be sure: the broker is no longer needed. The probability of losing money in such companies is 100%. Why help a trader, when the goal has already been achieved.

You can say that I'm too picky. Then you should look at the site page, which is called "About Us". That's right, with a capital letter. Like most scammers, AllegraMarkets has a very high opinion of itself. Although this may be an inferiority complex.

From the text posted in this section, you will learn that the broker's team consists of 65 professionals. Each of them is an excellent financier and specialist in the field of Internet technologies. But the main page was about 550 employees! A logical question arises, where did the rest go. And all this is not empty nit-picking. What confidence can there be in a company that is not able to determine even the number of its employees.

Now let's see how legitimate the activity of this broker is. AllegraMarkets assures traders that its work is regulated by the Belize International Commission for the Provision of Financial Services. The license number is also indicated, which was renewed quite recently - 23 February 2018.


In general, the seemingly solid company. Although it sounds a bit strange. Belize is a small state in Central America. For unknown reasons, he was given the right to issue licenses to brokers.

But for now let's leave the regulator alone and try to check the license by its number. We hammer the number IFSC / 60 / 256 / TS / 17 in the search box and get the answer.

Such a license does exist, and the date coincides. But only the Belize Financial Commission issued it to a completely different company. This is Fort Financial Services Ltd, and the site is If you want, you can check it yourself.

This is more serious than the outdated date on the site. In the hope that traders will not check, scammers lure beginners, issuing someone else's license for their own. In order not to lose money, you can immediately turn around and leave.

But it became interesting to me, and I continued my little investigation. To do this, I went to the portal of the Finance Commission at this address: There are many interesting things, I advise you to look at this link.

As it turned out, another 15 February 2018 year AllegraMarkets is listed blacklisted for fraudulent activities.


So everything is clear: this is not a company, but a scam. Scammers just cash in on inexperienced participants. I hope that my article will help you avoid mistakes. Choose proven brokers, and luck will be on your side!

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