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Hello, dear readers! Today I want to talk about one of the fraudulent projects, which not so long ago appeared on the market. This is the Vulcan system, or Vulkan Ltd.

The project has two official websites: и The authors of the fraud were Alexey Soldatov and Viktor Stolyarovsky. Many traders are already familiar with such scams as Opera Systems и Tera Online. Today I will tell you why Vulcan can also be considered a classic divorce for suckers.

Volcano - another scam


Even a person who likes to be deceived will understand everything by watching a video of a new scam. With children's spontaneity, actors are invited to register on the site immediately, in exchange promising half a million rubles. If you watch the video completely, there will be no doubt in the absurdity of such promises. But if someone else has faith in this nonsense, let's dwell on some peculiarities of the scam.

A bit about the actors


The main characters of the attraction deserve special attention. Real people you will not find here. It's just little-known actors who wrote the script and invited to participate in the production. For example, the role of Alexei Soldatov plays Alexei Ivankov - not a very demanded actor of theater and cinema.

Why he does not enjoy special success, you will understand by watching the movie. If someone is interested in getting acquainted with his filmography, you can search the Internet.

Select brokers

Another interesting point is the choice of broker companies with which the scam is working. In the list of his partners were brokers who do not withdraw money and have long been famous as scammers. Here are a few famous names:
• CT Trade.
• KBKapitals.

As you can see, these are the companies that are notorious for many traders.

Vulcan Divorce Pattern Ltd


The scheme of the divorce Vulkan Ltd. from Alexei Soldatov and Victor Stolyarovsky can be called classical, the ducks have not invented anything new. For example, you use an old method of zombification, such as a limited number of places. A person is encouraged to take advantage of a unique chance, to make a decision as quickly as possible, because places end. Total such places 650.

Think about it, if the system allows you to earn such amounts, how quickly will all these places be occupied? Not to mention the reason for the authors to invite everyone who wants to get rich in a moment. If suddenly two friends have an algorithm for earning huge money, they will not create a free project and guarantee each half a million rubles a month.

If someone really believes in a miracle, I suggest to visit the site in a week, a month or a year. You will see, there is a free place. Scammers will always be able to attach your money.

I can say that they have little imagination. Or just so many trusting people are involved in the scam, that there is no need to invent something new. In such projects, one scheme is always used. This is a program that is an invention of a talented programmer and gives you money to earn automatically. Open several videos with different super offers. I guarantee, you will find in them much in common.

What the ducks offer from Vulcan LTD


Curiously, the projects of Vulkan Ltd, Opera System and Tera Online are on the same IP. It is not difficult to guess that these similar services belong to the same scammers.


In concluding my review I will say a few words about the essence of the proposal of Stolyarovsky and Soldatov. Naive viewers are convinced that they will not have to do anything. It is enough to press the right button, and the untold wealth will come to hand. Two comrades promise big money just like that, but there are no miracles, and on the Internet even more so.

To get a decent and stable income, you have to work. Personally, I have no acquaintances who managed to get rich by simply switching the buttons. Therefore, friends, I ask you to throw away the rose-colored glasses and not be led to this divorce. But these scams appear on the network all the time.

This concludes my review. In conclusion, I want to warn you that scammers do not hesitate to involve old people in their scam, taking away the last from them. Be sure to tell your elderly relatives. If you have already received a sad experience of "cooperation" with Vulkan, please write about this in the comments.

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