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Received several letters from traders who asked to give an assessment to the broker BinaryCent. This broker is popular in Canada, the US and a bit in Europe. In Russian-speaking countries, interest in this broker is more an exception than a rule. It is hard to write a review and give readers an objective assessment of this broker, without trying to trade with this broker. But I'll try, because judging by the English-speaking reviews, the broker is working and is consistently giving out the money earned. And this is the most important part of trade binary options, cfd or forex , which can be traded by a trader on this platform. So whether to open an account and in general, does it make sense to start trading with an unknown broker at the market?

Binary binary en 1

Let's consider some facts:

1) Minimum deposit, minimum deal

binarycent tipu deposit

2) The platform and function of copying transactions

binarycent tipu copy sdelok

3) Account types and bonuses

binarycent tipu schetov

4) Methods for the withdrawal of profits

binarycent tipu vuvodu deneg

When choosing a broker, you will have to consider a number of criteria. This is how you can choose the right company for making transactions in the financial market. Some of these criteria are mandatory. Not every trader considers the reviews an obligatory criterion. But it is on them worth paying special attention. They allow you to study public opinion, learn opinion of real users, avoid mistakes. After all, reviews are left exactly by those people who had to cooperate with the broker in reality.

By the way! Broker BinaryCent works with crypto-currencies! You can replenish your account with known crypto-currencies and trade them on the platform of the broker. This is the broker that gives earn bitcoins.

I am of the opinion that you need to study the reviews. Therefore, when looking for a broker, I carefully studied the opinions of users. Unfortunately, on the Internet, I did not find any rules for studying the activity of a broker on reviews. So I was thinking about how to distinguish real reviews. I had to face BinaryCent. I examined and analyzed the posts. The network has a lot of feedback about this company.

How to analyze reviews of BinaryCent?

binary cent

In practice, I realized what kind of recommendations should be adhered to when studying reviews. I do not think that these rules apply only to this broker. They are generalizing and are suitable for choosing a broker as a whole. To study the opinion of real users can be on third-party sites. Resources should be dedicated to this particular industry, to have something to do with binary options. An excellent solution is to visit thematic forums. There are resources where you can see that traders are active. I immediately realized that it makes no sense to study reviews on those sites that are not relevant to the topic. So you just waste your time and do not get the desired result.

Look at how long the trader is on the resource, where he expresses his opinion. Some portals have a counter that is provided to each user. This counter shows the number of messages. If a person has been on the resource for more than a year, you can understand that you have a real user. His response can be considered truthful. Otherwise, it is possible to suspect deception, and the response is considered bought. But the counters do not stand on all resources in the network, this must be taken into account in the evaluation.

When studying the reviews, I realized that they are all divided into those that are left to the clients of the broker, and those left by people who are not related to the activities of the broker. At the same time, real users are also divided into groups. Some of them are experienced, they have been working in this field for a long time, respectively, they cooperate with this broker. And there are those who have just begun to make money. They do not have enough experience, and their activities can end sadly. It often happens that an inexperienced trader hangs his mistakes on a broker.

Unreal users can be bought either by competitors or by the broker. Depending on who bought their opinion, the reviews can be positive or negative. In front of me there was a difficult task - to isolate from the reviews exactly those left by real clients. At the same time I would like to get acquainted with the opinion of exactly those people who have the necessary experience, and not beginners.

BinaryCent's true feedback and customers

It is worth saying a few words about real reviews and real customers. I needed to learn to distinguish them from the others. In practice, I saw that in such reviews there are stylistic, spelling mistakes that are typical of an ordinary person. Real customers call specific facts of cooperation with the broker. If the review is purchased, it will be generalized, without specifying the exact facts. Such comments are written in one style, there are no errors in them. They stand out among the general mass, it seemed easy to me to determine the purchased reviews.

The truthfulness of the review can be verified if it is supplemented by screen screen or video. This is, as such, proof of the reality of the commentary. Study the comments to better understand how to choose the right broker.

In any case, if you have experience of cooperation with a broker BinaryCent, leave your feedback in the comments!

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