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I continue the series of articles on programs for earning, which only promise to help you earn, but in fact, simply merge your deposit. Today we will talk about program Crypto Robot 365, which, after checking by our trader, turned out to be SCAM! This was not unexpected for me, because Crypto Robot 365 is a clone binary robot 365 and belongs to the same company of scammers!

My detailed and fair review will shed light and expose another scam of friends from Knowing these black internet marketers and what, they are ready to go for the sake of earning money on gullible people. Therefore, when reading English sites that belong to the company investoo, you can find laudatory reviews on Crypto Robot 365, all this is done to convince gullible readers to put money. After reading this review, you can save your money or multiply them, but with a different, honest robot for earnings, which I personally tested and can recommend to you!

Many traders, investors or beginners who dream of making money on the Internet, are looking for various programs and applications for making money. Unfortunately, scammers from CryptoRobot365 earn on such people. Complaints that come to me on this robot are part of a large system to devastate the pockets of their customers. I start to connect all the points and find all the new programs, robots, systems that belong to investoo, they all work on the same principle. The principle is quite primitive - it's a simple fraud!

I'm sure at 100% that all projects of this company are misleading, judging by the real responses to CryptoRobot365 people such a lot, apparently the concise design of the site and aggressive advertising are very effective in deceiving potential traders. You are welcome! Avoid Crypto Robot 365, Binary Robot 365, investoo and any of their suggestions, Do not let yourself be deceived!

As for the site itself, in the screenshot you can see that the crypto robot support service is taken from the robot for the binary options 365, this is a serious oversight, to which the scammers simply did not pay attention.

crypto robot 365 scam binary365

Further on the site you can see the fake reviews of supposedly satisfied customers. In fact, all this feedback, written by the developers themselves. Especially if you read carefully the review, then a certain Theresa G has a percentage of profitable trades at the level of 69%, this is the percentage that will accurately merge your money, albeit not immediately. If you still do not know what the percentage of profitable trades should be, read in my article about percentage of profitable trades.

crypto robot 365 scam

As for Ms. Teresa G herself, on the Internet you can find this photo on various sites, under different names. The girl's photo is simply taken from the Internet, and this girl has nothing to do with online trading.

crypto robot 365 scam

Another developer claims that the robot has already earned 53,242 $ during the last 7 days. If we continue to monitor this number and go to the site in a few days, we will see the same 53,242 $, which confirms the fact that these figures are simply taken from the head and have nothing to do with profits.

Crypto robot 365 is a form of scam that has been created by rogues to lure your money. A person is looking for a part-time job or wants to improve his financial status, but falls into the hands of such impostors, after which he loses hope for earnings on the Internet. Scammers just destroy the trading industry on the Internet!

What if you did not find this article right away and gave your money to scammers? Recover and forget about the money spent or read an article about charjbeck, maybe my manual will help you get money back.

And the most important thing! I assure you that this program has nothing to do with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherium, Ripple. Although the first thing you see on the site, it's a loud statement that the robot buys and sells the crypto currency. Just on the wave of popularity, developers want to haypanut on the topic of crypto currency. In fact, the robot does not buy any crypto currency, and does not sell it. This whole program, a simple wrap-around that will gradually reset your deposit.

And by this time my personal check was only robot of binary options Abi >>>

robot abi en 728 90

Read the review, see the video report!