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Today I will tell you about OlympBot, which was created under the famous broker Olymp Trade. The robot allegedly calculates every trade for a trader, and can independently make decisions about entering the market. According to the manufacturer, everyone can get up to 90% profit literally in 1 minute. As you can already understand, this is another kidalovo, which I strongly do not advise even to consider as support for the work.

First of all, according to the established tradition, the robot's page meets its visitors with loud assurances and promises of millions. One gets the impression that the only thing that is required from the trader is to download the program, and then money will be poured on him with an endless stream. Of course, this is not so, and I think that every self-respecting trader understands that everything can not be so simple.

olimp trade bot

In total, 2 variants of the robot's existence are given to attention. One of them is a demo version, on which you can bargain for curiosity, but its "older" version is Satan in the flesh. The robot will ask to replenish the deposit for 30 dollars or 2 thousand rubles. I think we should not say that we should not do this, as this is voluntary sponsorship of scammers.

olimp trade bot

OlympBot divorce, as it is

Let me remind you that Olymp Trade is the divorce of all Russia. The whole Internet is full of negative feedback about working with this broker, but still there are naive people who are kept at their promises. Given the "rich" history of the broker, think about it, but can he even produce a worthwhile product ?! Of course not!

In fact, the robot is an excellent tool that will only allow you to spend all your money faster. Think for yourself, by means of simple influences on the human psyche - "how, because a professional robot helps me!", The trader becomes desperate in his decisions.

It is also necessary to clarify that the current situation in trading is still not able to give a clear answer to the possibility of forecasting. Accordingly, OlympBot can not be what its producers want to present to us. Yes, there may be certain algorithms in its structure, but it will not be able to give a result, thanks to which the profit will outweigh the losses. Accordingly, this is the way to failure.

Summing up

It turns out that OlympBot - nothing more than another attempt to make money on inexperienced newcomers. Remember, no matter how attractive the golden mountains promised by the creators of the robot, it is always worth remembering common sense.

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