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Recently, about Crypto-currency can be heard from every iron, but the problem is that more than half of people even have no idea what it is and how it is born in general. This I tell you, as a person who has a sufficient number of familiar traders. Even among people who have been trading with brokers for quite a long period of time, there are unique people who are trying to switch sides, although at the same time everyone clearly understands the principles of the formation of markets. Surprising - is not it ?! The reason lies in the excellent luring, which literally turns off the brain. As an example of a new stage of deception, I suggest that you take a look at Tera Online, whose reviews have literally filled the Internet today. By the way, their name is pulled from one popular game.

tera online reviews

Thera online: reviews about supposedly risk-free trading on a crypto currency

So, I have to tell you what this company lures to itself. First, it is, of course, a game in the absence of understanding the processes of working with crypto currency. The guys emphasize the fact that because the currency is not real, it is not subject to inflation. Proceeding from this, Tera online offers to begin to receive unthinkable money by betting on a currency that does not face a collapse. Secondly, if you scrutinize the topic of crypto currency itself superficially, bitcoin in particular, you will learn that in its code a certain number of coins are prescribed, which will be achieved still as soon as not. The creators of this network allude to the fact that you can start earning in just one day, and from you, almost nothing is required.
Now let's talk about what exactly these guys are offering you. So, to start your alleged earnings, they will ask you for 250 $ and transfer them to a broker. You replenish the deposit, then, through the program that they provide, you will receive "amazing" signals to enter the market, thanks to which very quickly "enrich". In other words, this is a typical robot, but it was "imprisoned" solely for crypto currency. Only here there is a huge amount of "but":

- comrades swear by oath that their robot makes all transactions in plus;
- income will be from 45 thousand per day;
- they for some reason crossed the mining and work on the terminal of binary options.

For people who think, it turns out inarticulate porridge, which is implicated in wealth, an incredible program and the lack of a correct explanation. Although if you think about it, their proposal is a typical hoax according to the classical scheme. A sort of button "loot", which can be pressed unlimited times, graciously provided for 250 green.

tera online

Go 4 character Tera Online

In total, 4 character participates in this scam: 2 "genius-developer" and their dear friends, who, stammering, hardly pronounce the names of major crypto-currencies. 2 ladies, accompanied by gentlemen, talk about their incredible earnings, although they look very bad at the same time.

tera online

Bad presentation is crowned by a hideous presentation, during which comrades are confused in the testimony (especially I was pleased with the promise of the absence of unjustified transactions). I honestly tried to imagine how you can believe their words, but could not.

Proceeding from the above, they act with an eye to an unprepared audience, but even experienced traders come under pressure who simply did not previously deal with crypto currency. The only development of the story that will be waiting for you is the following: you replenish the account of scammers who actually provide you with the program. However, as you can already guess, it will not give you exact signals, because it is simply impossible. You will begin to swiftly discard the deposit, then contact with the relevant claim, say, you promised me wealth? What scammers will tell you that you were exposed to unfavorable market conditions, your settings were not accurate or anything else.

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