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Hello ladies and gentlemen. I can not pass by a topic that is actively developing in the world of trading, which is represented the Golden Goose program, since my curiosity led me to her.

So, it all started with the fact that I was interested in the topic robots for trading. By the way, in the field of trading I am far from a beginner, and I work quite successfully, but that trader who does not strive for more is bad. In general, among other proposals from brokers, who usually tie their robots to personal software, I caught a certain "Golden Goose method". In its essence, it is a typical robotic program, which should independently determine advantageous moments for entering the market and making deals. Surprised me was the fact that its authors proposed the following scheme: first you download the software, and only then choose a broker. Surprised at this, I still decided to go to the end and figure out what's wrong. For starters, I was asked to watch a video presentation in which the alleged developer solemnly declares that the system is working flawlessly and its settings allow avoiding false signals. Who "floated" - he knows that in trading without risk - anywhere. Proceeding from this, at me the first doubts arises, if, in general, the logic of the creators.

Golden Goose official website

Understand the essence of the sentence:

Then I wondered what the creators promised, and found the following information:

1 - The system does not require the trader any knowledge.

That's so embarrassing! And how, you ask, set it up ?! The developers answer is that the settings are supposedly completely unnecessary. 

2 - The signals of the system are unmistakable.

As I said above, this can not be. There is still no set of indications that would be able to give 100% an accurate prediction. That is, if you are promised mountains of profit and no risk - know that this is impossible. Here I was curious to triple - maybe the creators built their program on some unique tuning systems that are really capable of hitting traders not with 100% guarantee of profit, but as close to it as possible ?! In my attempts to find out, I faced the positioning of the system as a secret mechanism, the disclosure of which is impossible. It turns out that if you are an experienced trader, then you get a cat in a poke. It's no secret that trade for everyone is a personal process, based on highlighting strengths and reinforcing their data with indication and analysis. However, the Golden Goose does not disclose the cards and asks to be honest. But how can you believe, if the creators promise 100%, and you know in advance that even with the best scenario this can not be ?!

3 - Developers give the program for free.

If you believe the site, then access to this mysterious software will open to me right after the application is created on the site. No sooner said than done. After that, I received a letter to the post office, from which I was amateurish for a mile. Okay - not in beautiful speech, happiness, I thought. In the process of reading the letter, I received information that the benefit for the developer is to withdraw 10% from the trader's income after the first month of work. Attention! I recall that the Golden Goose is a separate system that is not connected to your broker by any side, if you already had it at the time of the search. Accordingly, the question - how does the developer will withdraw money from my account with the broker ?! There was no answer to this question.

golden goose

The true earnings of the Golden Goose online

And now I will slowly and surely reveal to you all the maps of this program. So, step by step the process of obtaining money by the creators is as follows:

1 - A trader (or any simple site visitor) sees the promises of the gold mountains and, of course, does not refuse the opportunity to get them, especially when you do not need to pay for the program.

2 - As soon as the link to the program is in his possession, he receives a warning in the letter that 10% will go into the developer's pocket from the second month of work. Here it is immediately clear that this is intended for beginners who do not really understand the difference between the terms "broker", "trader" and so on. However, against the backdrop of the promises of the golden mountains, this confuses very few people, especially since the program gets free of charge, and in a fit of sincere generosity, people agree to these 10%.

3 - Next, when you are inspired by the promises of money, the system will ask you to activate the purse - that's where it's worth thinking about. I was asked to pay a fee of 90 rubles. The amount is small, and most of them without shame conscience part with it for the benefit of future millions, but this is all the salt.

4 - After "activation" of the account, the system suggests replenishing the deposit with the broker. This money, as you might already have guessed, will be located on the account of the personal broker of the program (in fact, it is the purse of the developer).

5 - After the trader has added to the balance and activated the wallet, new details appear - it turns out that the Golden Goose is a signal generator that does not work automatically. In addition, it does not differ in any way from the simplest robotic signals in the BO market. Okay, it's all trivia, if only the profit was. However, there will be no guaranteed profit (the percentage of profitability is not higher than that of the simplest robots). The main task of the developer has already fulfilled - you have replenished the account and activated the purse by transferring money. Further, the disappointed are the logical attempts to withdraw money, but it was not there.

Most traders face the following problems:

- the program has rules that do not allow you to deduce an amount less than a certain amount (for example, this may be an amount of 2000 $);
- the system processes your request too long.

As you understand, I reached the stage of "replenish the balance of the wallet to activate it," and then I thought that my curiosity is not worth translating even this amount. The rest of the information is a sublimation of my experience and the stories of my colleagues, who at one time "passed" through the "Golden Goose".


The Golden Goose program - no more than a signal generator with questionable settings. The abundance of pitfalls and the absence of declared results is far from what should attract traders. Given the fact that today there are really worthy robots that are able to fully adapt to your trading style, I personally do not recommend paying attention to the Golden Goose, for the miracle will not happen.

golden goose program

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