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Advisor Hunter FX is an automatic robot for trading in the Forex currency market from Inga Fedorova. Many are interested in this system, for this reason I decided within the feedback to describe my opinion about the robot. At once I will say that I do not particularly recommend using it, and there are many reasons for this. So, let's get started.

Hunter FX - my review 

Let's start with the cover. On the official website of the system there are at least two facts that alerted me:

1. Above is a logo displayed in the form of a robot woman, which, to put it mildly, was copied from the already well-known and high-quality Abi robot. In this one in one.

hunter fx robot otzuv

2. And the very name of the site and blog is also compromised from the well-known brokerage brand "Forex4You".

Honestly, I do not like when someone else's ideas are copied, but this does not affect how the advisor works. I decided to close my eyes to this if the robot is really worthwhile, but suppose that I do not know yet.

I also note that earlier I was not interested in this advisor, but I saw periodically Hunter FX reviews. The community of traders refers to it neutrally, but there is also a negative experience mainly among beginners who do not yet understand how to thoroughly test and test robots. They could and something misconfigured, so it was too early to make final conclusions.

Robot Sales Scheme: How to download?

The developer of the adviser seeks to share his robot with everyone, as they say, with good intentions. At the same time asks for a robot a modest (for someone, perhaps not) an amount of $ 250 US dollars. Hunter FX can be downloaded from the author or get free of charge when trading with a single broker (Maksimarkets). 

Everyone has the right to dispose of his work, and if he wants, he can sell the system. But, if that's all right, then be kind enough to show the adviser in the case. At least from the author of the robot it is required:

- show quality signals;
- detailed test results;
- the trade idea on which the adviser is built;
- Qualitative settings for currency pairs;
- Indicators used.

This naturally does not exist, and this does not inspire confidence. There is simply no point in spreading a few thousand rubles to nowhere.

Information given by the developer

On her blog, Inga wrote about the results of testing, but they are not very informative.

First, look at the chart, it's only about 30 transactions on a small interval. Secondly, pay attention to the drawdown, which sometimes reaches incredible values. It can be seen that the robot simply stumbles in place, although it does not merge, but keeps in the black. Thirdly, testing was conducted only on one currency pair and timeframe.

As I said, there is too little sample of transactions, it is not known how the robot will trade for several years. Here 1000 transactions - this can still be considered an indicator, and 30 transactions - this is pure chance and nothing more. Of course, this does not mean that the robot will be merged, but it does not inspire confidence either.


Hunter FX is an automatic robot from Inga Fedorova, which I do not recommend, as there is no unambiguous evidence of its quality from the developer. There is not enough support, quality testing, despite the fact that the adviser is sold for money or through a broker.

And by this time my personal check was only robot of binary options Abi >>>

robot abi en 728 90

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