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Many beginners and not only novice traders have heard about the new system for earning money on the Internet. Reviews about Opera System most contradictory. Some of the traders say that this is a real scam for simpletons who dream of earning every day without much effort.

According to the creators of the system, it is ideal for all traders who want to earn revenue by clicking just one button. Personally, I strongly doubt that this is possible. If everything was so simple, then all traders would have downloaded the program for a long time and turned into millionaires.

Me Opera System is very similar to the Tandem Signals, which in its time was also advertised, as an excellent tool for earning in trade. I do not succumb to such divorces and sweet promises. Before you believe the video of the creators, I consulted with the team that develops software for trading. The answer was rather negative than positive.

Earn money with just one button does not work out even with such an advertised system. Options for changing the algorithm of trading, should be in any case. In my opinion, even the creators of both systems are the same. Maybe I'm wrong, then this idea brought me the name. In Tandem Signals one word in Russian, the second in English. In Opera System sometimes the first word is also written in Russian. This causes certain thoughts. In addition, the essence of both programs or as they are called "scammers" is the same.

Earn one button with Opera System or the essence of the program

As far as I know, the founders of the project are the stock trader Vladimir Prigozhin and the mathematician from St. Petersburg Arkady Grossman. True, intuition tells me that, most likely, these are not real names. The essence of the program Opera System is that you can earn good money at a price change.

This idea came to Prigogine's mind while he followed the movement of prices during the bidding. After that, he came up with a system in which you can earn by hitting the diggers. This system he called a "black hole". The name, you must agree, is very capacious and meaningful. According to the creator, his "black hole" earns 33 500 rubles per day, which in a month gives 670 000 rubles! The amount, in my opinion, is decent.

After some time, Prigogine was tired of pressing buttons constantly, and he thought about how to reduce the number of buttons, but at the same time keep the level of earnings or absorption of the "black hole". For help, he turned to his friend from St. Petersburg, Doctor of Mathematical Sciences Arkady Grossman.

Star Prigogine's idea attracted Grossman and, driving along the streets of St. Petersburg on bikes, they created an ingenious program that was able to cause a "black hole" for absorbing money with just one button. The modest trader and mathematician called his invention simply a "button" or Opera System. Each trader chooses a name for himself, which most suits him. Personally, I use a different program, but we'll talk about this a little later.

After the creation of superprograms and magical cops, friends continued to skate on Peter on bikes, without forgetting to press the amazing key to earn money. The income every day was the same - 33 500 rubles and not a penny less. In a month the income was 670 000 rubles! Which traders do not want to get such a wonderful button at their disposal. Of course, there are many who wish.

Friends understood this perfectly and decided to share absolutely free of charge with their invention. And not only with some specific traders, whom they know personally, but with all comers. This is pure altruism, doing them honor, or it says that all their Opera System is a scam. Why on earth would someone share the secret of making money with others, if all the money can be taken away? Right? I also thought about it.

opera sustem otzuv
After the influx of altruism and the desire to help everyone, everyone shot a video in which they shared the secrets of their success. They talked about how you can make money on their button. To make everything look convincing, they demonstrated their cool tales, luxurious houses, beautiful wives and told everyone who was not tired how they had achieved success.

The whole thing is a super button, which everyone can get at his disposal. All, of course, for free, for nothing! Friends just decided to help everyone who wants to get rich. There is nothing surprising in this. Why not share your secret?

The only thing that bothered me personally is a deposit of 250 dollars, which you need to make from their broker. After that, you can get a magic button and earn 670 000 rubles per month. Everything is very simple and understandable. To believe or not to believe in Opera System everyone decides independently. Their advertising today revolves around all social networks. For the sake of interest, you can also visit their sites: opera and You can also watch a video on how to make a deposit and then use the payout button.

Opera System - scam for naive newcomers

In my opinion, it is difficult to find a person who will believe in these conversations and beliefs. Why on earth would someone tell for free how to make money by clicking just one button. Although, as you remember, not entirely free. You need to make a deposit. Only naive simpletons can think that this is all real. By the way, for those who know the trade - these inventors impose on everyone the trader CT-Trade, which used to be called "Vospari"! Many people have this name on hearing - in the most negative aspect.

Now I'm even interested in knowing who wrote that comment on behalf of the trader from Khabarovsk, who a day displayed even more than 10 000 dollars. Maybe one of the creators of OperaSystem wrote?

The conclusion is that the Opera System project offers everyone who wants to earn one click to earn 33 500 rubles a day from a broker who does not bring money to anyone!

opera sustem otzuv

Reviews about Opera System

The project is young, so I have not read any real reviews so far. Ordered, lauded a lot, but they can be seen right away. Personally, I will not take risks and give no one to whom 250 dollars. I prefer to use a proven robot program for trading Abi.

This is really a good program, which allows you to earn a stable income from trading. I recommend everyone as an excellent and proven alternative.

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