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In the framework of this review, I would like to highlight another popular system on numerous requests. The subject of my discussion will be the robot AutoBinary, which is the development of a certain broker under the name "Cedar Finance". In fact, there is very little positive information about this symbiosis, it's almost non-existent, but we'll start in order.

Auto Binary - binary robot review

So, Auto Binary is a system for automatically trading binary options in conjunction with the above broker.

The first stage of registration uses the standard scheme. To use the robot, the user needs to register and replenish the trading account in Cedar Finance for 250 US dollars. In this case, the system itself is provided completely free of charge, and the trader allegedly does not risk anything at all, which is the main focus of the marketing company.

Demokonto Auto Binary EA

Here I have two questions at once, which are as follows:

• If the robot is so good, why not give it a chance to test it on the demo;

• for what reasons it is possible to work with an advisor only from one broker on a new account when making a deposit.

The answers are very simple, friends, and obvious. Developers of the system receive money for attracting you as a broker's clients when you make your first deposit. This is their main income. For these reasons, it is important for them to convince you to make money, and what will happen next is not so important to them. Yes, it's not very nice and honest, it's worrying, but for now it does not mean anything, let's take a closer look at the mechanism of the system's operation.

In general, the algorithm and the indicators used are hidden. Outwardly, it's worth mentioning a nice interface, but this ends the matter. According to the company, the system uses more than 11 different indicators, as well as monitoring by experts, which gives over 90% of profitable trades. It sounds attractive, but, unfortunately, there are no facts, it is confirming. It can be checked only by paying the money for the initial deposit.

Auto Binaru - user reviews on the Internet

As for the opinion of the community of traders about this adviser, it is more inclined to the negative side. Most do not trust this robot, there are examples of plums. Examples of such reviews are available below.

Autobinary review

Autobinary review

Autobinary review

Auto Binary - Pros and Cons

It is difficult to make an unambiguous conclusion on the Expert Advisor, because it is not tested for free, it is only necessary to believe the word to other users. Nevertheless, I can highlight its advantages and disadvantages, and then decide on the expediency of paying 250 US dollars.

So, "behind":

• nice interface;

Perhaps, from the pros it's all in the singular.


• can not be checked on a demo account;
• fairly large initial deposit;
• the algorithm of operation is hidden, the indicators used are not indicated;
• there is no reliable information and evidence about the effectiveness of the system;
• a lot of negativity in the network, which completely discourages the desire to use the robot.

Thus, I personally do not recommend using this robot, since it has more cons, than pluses.

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