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By numerous requests, the object of this article will be not a little-known robot under the name "Algobit", which in fact is a pioneer among algorithms on binary options. Especially for you, I decided to check what the system is like, how it works and whether it can be trusted.

Algobite: a review of the trading robot, how to download for free

A few features that met me at the first stage of use and registration:

  • The robot is provided free of charge and you do not need to download it;
  • Everything is implemented in the browser platform through the OptionBit broker;
  • In order to use the adviser you need an account with this broker, which is easy to open on their official website or robot's site in the "New User" section;
  • The robot works only for those who opened an account and made a minimum deposit (from 12 thousand rubles).

Consider how the system itself looks, its interface. To do this, refer to the next screenshot.

Algobit reviews

As you can see, on the left is a panel with tools and signals. On the right is a graph of currencies in the region format (without Japanese candles).

The very strategy of the robot is hidden by the developers, there is no information about the indicators and the system used.

Signal values ​​are determined by color:

  • only red - a very weak signal, it's too early to open a position;
  • red и yellow - a signal of medium strength, so it is better to wait;
  • All three colors, including green - The strongest signal to enter the transaction, it is worth hurry up and open a position in the specified direction.

In general, everything looks comfortable and clear, the only question is whether this will give all the positive results for the trader.

Algobit Expert Advisor Settings

Now let's move on to a small practical part. All positions at the broker will be opened directly in the platform of the adviser on the left. There are three options:

- open a deal manually;

Manual mode algobit

- use semi-automatic mode;

- Select the tool and let the system run on the machine.

All actions are performed on the left side of the platform. Manual trading is on the panel from the top. Opening a position is done standardly by setting the lot and choosing the direction.

Semiautomatic mode is more interesting. Among the settings, only the lot size and expiration time of the option are available. The remaining actions remain for the robot.

Automatic mode algobit

To confirm the transaction, you will need to click the Trade button, and then the downgrade position with the specified parameters (5 $, expiry time 5 minutes) will open.

Tips for a professional trader for Algobite

I want to present you some recommendations for working with this adviser on the basis of my personal experience:

- Strictly observe the risk management, because the indicators used and the strategy itself are not known. This says, at least that the robot's trading system can not adapt well to news and changes in the market.

- Try to trade in periods of low volatility and lack of important news.

- Check each signal on the graph, use only strong (green) signals.

- At first it's better to trade on a semi-automatic machine.

Algobit reviews

As for feedback on the system, opinions are divided here. It is worth highlighting in the general trend a neutral direction with a slight predominance of negative opinions about the system.

Algobit binaroption otzuvy

Algobit binaroption otzuvy

Algobit binaroption otzuvy

Algobit binaroption otzuvy

Albit: divorce or not?

Let's sum up about this system. Personally, I saw an outwardly convenient platform, but rather secretive, since there is no information on the strategy, it is difficult to guarantee a certain percentage of profitable trades. Plus, the network has a lot of feedback that does not inspire much confidence. Thus, the algorithm itself exists and works, but not everyone makes a profit.

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