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Today I will consider a broker FTO Capital, which, in my opinion, is worthy among its competitors. After reading my article, you will know what the broker is, what trading tools he uses, the minimum trading account for starting work, the availability of additional functions, the time of withdrawal of funds, and much more. As you have already noticed, my broker rating not at all large, I recommend to you only those brokers from whom I trade myself, so every broker undergoes a thorough check, which shows whether the company is really quality and responsible. After reading my article, you will find out what FTO Capital is: a reliable or lohotron broker?

There are many forex / crypto and cfd trading companies in the world. This broker appeared in 2017, when Nona Marketing Limited introduced one of these companies called FTO Capital. The use of the MetaTrader trading platform and fast service to its clients allowed the company to become famous and become one of the best brokers, very popular in Europe.

The main difference of the broker from the other is that users from any country have the opportunity to trade online, without downloading software to your computer and not wasting it on your free time.

Broker FTO Capital

As I found out, you can select the assets to trade, which is very much in the system of the broker. They are divided into four types:

• Raw materials;
• Pair of currencies / Crypto currency;
• Shares;
• Indexes.

 fto capital

If something does not understand or decide to examine in more detail the assets, then go to the broker's website, where you will find all the information you need.

FTO Capital platform

So the platform for bidding looks like, you can choose a convenient option for yourself:

 fto capital vnutri platformu1 en

If you trade on this broker, then find a suitable option is not difficult, and you can earn money from the comfort. Remember that the broker has and additional functionsThrough which trade will be even easier. Thanks to the Double Up, you will be able to increase their investment. Undoubtedly, increase investment, you increase the risk of losing more money. There is also a feature as Rollover, which allows you to return the money lost due to the deviation from the schedule you require trend. Giving 30% of the money invested, you get a second chance, which, if successful transaction will increase your contribution to 30%.

Minimal deposit in FTO Capital and personal account

If you want to start trading with this broker, you need to register, which is simple and straightforward. It is necessary to click on the "Registration" icon and fill out the form where you will enter your real data. A minute later, a consultant will contact you, who will tell you what you do not understand. And that's not all - you have to open a trading account to start earning. After the work done, you need to trade something, so we make a deposit to your account. The minimum threshold in 250 dollars, the minimum lot from 1 $. That is, such a popular broker available for almost every person because the other companies require making much larger deposits.

 fto capital vnutri tipu schetov en

Broker FTO Capital works with all kinds of payment systems and banks, so you can withdraw your earnings in any convenient way. The withdrawal to payment systems will take a minute, but using a bank transfer, you will have to wait about seven days.

Note, that after registration you will receive a confirmation letter. The letter will indicate your login and password for entering the platform and for entering your personal account. THESE DATA ARE DIFFERENT !!! you will not go to the platform, and to the private office on one data. Therefore, do not delete the mail, or keep the logins and passwords in a safe place. 

Withdraw money from FTO Capital

When making a deposit to your account in FTO Capital, you can withdraw money only in the way that was used in the replenishment. Immediately I say that the minimum amount for withdrawal is 100 euro / dollars. If you have earned a lot of money, then the withdrawal will be made through bank transfer. Do not worry, the funds will not come immediately, but in a period of two to seven days.

Due to the existence of scams that launder money through a broker, there are restrictions on the withdrawal of funds. Therefore, all traders have to go through the verification of the accounts. In order to carry out the withdrawal of funds, are required to present a passport scan (or a driver's license, a certificate with your data) and scan your credit card on both sides. It is written in the agreement with the terms and rules of the broker, so do I - read them thoroughly. For more information about the verification procedure of trading account, you can read in my article.

To have a good reputation, and not lose it in the future, FTO Capital is engaged in full verification of all transfers of users and does not disclose any data of its customers. This means that the company uses only proven payment systems and credit cards.

The broker is sure that consulting clients and prompt resolution of their issues is the main condition for customers to constantly trade with them. To verify the veracity of the words I said, you can go to the FTO Capital website and see the reviews. The main plus is that you can apply for help by mail, phone, chat on the site. If you are speaking a different language - not a problem. Consultants can help you in your language, so that you all immediately understand and do not use an interpreter who spends a lot of time communicating with support. Did the question arise at night or early in the morning? You do not have to wait for the right time to contact support, because consultants work in 24 / 7 mode.

Is FTO Capital deceiving?

To summarize, I can say that this company is known to everyone, the reputation among traders is high, therefore, most part is supported by FTO Capital. I can not help saying that in addition to positive feedback, there are also negative ones, the reason for which is allegedly that this broker is engaged in deception of users. But I do not really believe in this, as they are written by traders who do not have reliable information, but only make hasty conclusions. FTO Capital can not be divorced because it has a license, due to which, customers are safe and can not worry for their money. Therefore, before writing heinous reviews, you need to learn all the pitfalls in trading on the site of this broker, features about verification, obtaining bonuses and much more.

Accepting a bonus of 100%, you will not be able to immediately withdraw money, as it will be necessary to make a certain number of transactions. Then verify the account by providing the above documents. After that, the output will be available.

As you can see, this is quite a normal brokerage platform, with its own features and advantages, disadvantages and conditions. Nevertheless, FTO Capital is not a divorce and not a scam, which I can confirm on my personal example.

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Conclusion: everyone chooses what suits him. The main thing is not to miss all the possible tools for trading with a broker, only so profit will grow!

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