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Principles and Privacy Policy

Operating Principles of the training site on binary options BinarOption.com are based on:

  1. Credibility
    All training material of my site is a useful content for those who want to trade in the financial market, in particular on the platforms of binary options. Users of the site are provided with necessary strategies, indicators, the news of economic calendar, free signals, tutorials with accompanying information: terms and conditions of the use, video materials, as well as additional trading tools for the financial markets (live charts, tables, indicators, and so on).
    Users of the site and my subscribers know that all the materials are free of charge and without any obligation to perform. The same goes for email distribution. It is available free of charge and without any obligation on the part of subscribers.
  2. honesty
    Neither I nor the contents of the site are misleading. Everything is clearly described, it is clear, accessible, without ambiguity, to avoid misunderstandings on the part of the users who do not have special or deep knowledge in the field of finance and financial markets.
  3. confidentiality
    I respect the users and subscribers of my web-site BinarOption.com. You can always contact me via the feedback, a subscription form for a free training material, send me a letter to my mailbox binaroptioncom@yandex.ruOr send a message using the form "Send me a message" in the lower right corner of the site.
    I always respond promptly to all the e-mails, listen to the advice and suggestions to improve my site.
    The information that you provide me (mailbox and name) is confidential, it is protected by the necessary hardware and not disclosed or transferred to third parties.
    If you want you can always unsubscribe from the mailing list. At the bottom of each letter has a special form of replies. Or you can directly write to me. Without any question, I exclude you from my database of subscribers, not to send you the information that you don't need.

Terms of Use of online VIP chat "signals in Plus"

  • The signals may appear at any time in the period from 09.00 19.00 to Moscow time, Monday through Friday. Saturday and Sunday - the days off.
  • The signal is accompanied by an audible alert. No need to sit all day at the computer screen while waiting for the signal. The trader only needs to enter the chat room under his credentials to not close the page. When the signal-to-date, the trader immediately hear it through sound alerts.
  • A trader can use this signal and open the option in the event that he once saw him during 30 seconds after the audible alarm. If the trader does not immediately see the signal-to-date (it was not at the computer, or for any other reason), it is necessary to abandon the purchase option as an entry point in the transaction may already be profitable.
  • It is best to broker platform that trader trades, was also opened in an extra window. This will save time when buying a call option after receiving a signal in the chat window.
  • Chat is protected by automatic systems. Every trader has a personal login and password to enter the chat room. I recommend not to transfer personal data to third parties. Signing in to chat multiple users under one credentials to the excluded. These attempts are automatically blocked by the safety system. After that, access to chat under that username and password will be locked permanently without the right to recover for breach of the use of services provided.
  • Chat signals can not be copied, transferred or reprinted on other sites. If any such violations, the user's access to the chat is also blocked, without the right of recovery.
  • Chat signals are provided as a reference to the favorable market conditions, but they are not mandatory recommendation to buy option. Only you decide to open a deal or not. The responsibility for all actions performed with your deposit lies only on you.

Terms of use

It is important to carefully read the following terms and conditions prior to use materials and BinarOption.com services (and the language version of the site). Using the services of the website or materials, you acknowledge that you have read this document, understand all the provisions of the document and agree to abide by all the terms of this document. If you for some reason do not agree with any of the conditions set out in the terms of the agreement below, we advise you not to use this website.

All materials and services offered by the site are accessible only to persons who have sufficient experience and knowledge in relevant financial matters to assess any risks and / or benefits. The site does not have to check if you have sufficient experience and / or knowledge. BinarOption is not responsible for any damage or loss incurred due to your lack of experience and / or knowledge. And it is not responsible for the accuracy of any information presented on the site, nor is it responsible for the decisions made by the User based on this information. All information required by the User must be carefully checked by him and confirmed through independent sources of information to fully satisfy him before taking any action on the site.

BinarOption has the discretion to modify the conditions relating to use of the services of the site and their volume and the amount of payment for these services without notice.

No information presented on the website should be interpreted or used as a financial advice. No information on the site, in the system or sent via e-mail, skype or SMS should be used as a financial advice, and BinarOption is not liable in case the user ignored this fact. In addition, the site is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided on its website. You are personally responsible for undertaking appropriate independent audits before taking any action or using the services.

BinarOption will not be liable for losses, damages, costs, claims, proceedings, claims, etc., that you have encountered because you relied on any information provided on the site.

If a user tries somehow to influence or abuse the services or materials, BinarOption reserves the right in its sole discretion to take any action it deems necessary.

If you trade in any broker, every transaction you make at your own risk. BinarOption is not responsible for any damages, liabilities or losses resulting from your actions, because it has nothing to do with your trading account with a broker.

When paying for the services that are provided on BinarOption site, you can request a refund only to the receipt of the service in its entirety. This time 1 hours after the payment services. After 1 hours (60 minutes) - the user, payment service user receives credentials website (login and password). users log on to the site for the system login and password is fixed and is considered the moment of receiving the service in full. After a refund of money paid for the service no return.