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Alexander 04-04-2018 10:29
Arotrade, a normal broker, but with a nuance. The conclusion says that it takes 7 days, but in fact it stretches for 2 weeks.
Albert 03-04-2018 13:55
Hello! What do you think about Arotrade
Aydar 27-03-2018 18:39
Hello What can you say about the broker orrethrade?
Dmitry 26-03-2018 10:04
Hello Anna Alexandrovna, I would like to know about the broker NOBLE COPITAL HOUSE. And even for those who want to take onlain credit strike bank equity 100% fraudsters.
Feedback from Anna №23 21-03-2018 12:29

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Feedback from Anna №22 15-03-2018 09:08

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Paul 12-03-2018 18:40
Thanks to the analysis of signals, I managed to perfect my technical analysis and emphasized a lot for myself. The signals work. Thank you.
Feedback from Anna №21 04-03-2018 12:31

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Kurbin Elena 24-02-2018 13:39
The professional of his business - in another way I just can not describe Anna's work in any way. It seems to me that no matter how much I try to develop my analysis skills, there will never be such results. For the last month I managed to earn 45% more than in the previous month, and this despite the fact that my teacher said that it is impossible. Now there was a desire to show these signals to him - I wonder what he will say ?! I'd like to thank Anna for her work - it's really a real gift that allows not only to earn money, but also to learn to recognize signals. Earlier with a similar level of accuracy did not encounter - I strongly advise you to start working on its signals.
Procevich Evgeniy 23-02-2018 11:11
The signals are really worthy. It's even frightening to talk about comparisons with other suppliers. The main point that entailed the choice in the person of Anna Aleksandrovna was the need to provide signals for different expiration times. I did not consider it as a percentage, but I can note that the figures were noticeably higher than my attempts at independent analysis. This is especially noticeable in transactions from 1 hours. I think this is a good opportunity for newcomers who do not want to independently comprehend all the faces of trading. At first I was somewhat surprised by how high the percentage of profit was, but then it dawned on me that this was simply the result of real professionalism. I highly recommend those who want to develop in trading and earn under the wing of a professional.
Monakhov Alexander 16-02-2018 09:14
Oh, my dear Anna Alexandrovna! You probably can not imagine how many words of gratitude I am willing to tell you! It so happened in my life that I step by step began to move from trading to another area, but I did not want to finally lose contact with this world. I found an exit that would allow me to shorten the time for building technical analysis, in the form of using signals. There is time - I trade, there is no time - there are no transactions. For me - perfect. And that's where the catch came - and find a normal trader with adequate signals, not dummy for beginners, it was not so easy! Bypassing the lyrics, I looked for you, Anna Alexandrovna, about 2 months. Found and learned happiness, as they say. The signals are really strong, and even I, from the height of my experience, can not understand what the indication lies in the basis of the forecasts. Yes, and do not understand - the signals are effective, and this is important!
Feedback from Anna №20 27-01-2018 12:48

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Feedback from Anna №19 16-01-2018 12:10

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Reviewed №70 16-01-2018 12:07

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