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binaroptioncom reviews

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binaroptioncom reviews

Nelly 25-01-2017 20:48
Thank you, Anna! As soon as the free money paid for your VIP chat.
Anna Alexandrovna 25-01-2017 20:14

Nelly, yes, there were news in Germany. I watched them, too, but the deal has not opened. Let me explain why: 1) News came out with a time delay 2) The data were published at the same time all the news and alternately with a time delay. 3) on one of the news came out a correction of previous green. For me fl ozhnoi too, that the news came in different colors. Therefore it is necessary to cancel the purchase of the option. 

Nelly 25-01-2017 12:49
Explain to me please, today was the news in Moscow 12.00, 3 bull, red, and the market has gone up?
Alex Hvaschinsky 25-01-2017 09:08
Thank you Anna for your signals. Trading at you chatting for three months, during which time a well-managed to increase its deposit. Amounts of course does not like you, but I have something to strive for.
Anna Alexandrovna 24-01-2017 16:54

Nelly, a part of the recommended time to trade on the news - 2 minutes. But for some of them has its own characteristics, some important news in general can not work. Prisovedinyaytes in Vip chat Pro, there you will see recommendations on each of the news. This is my experience of trade and detailed analysis of the news in recent years. 

Nelly 24-01-2017 12:21
Hello Anna! Please tell me, how many minutes put, when you exit the news? Thank you.
Alexander P. 24-01-2017 12:17
Traded two days in the VIP Chat Pro on the news, all the options were closed in plus, thank you Anna!
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Anna Alexandrovna

Reviewed №27 21-01-2017 16:03

binaroptioncom comments

Anna Alexandrovna 21-01-2017 15:52

Tatiana, you have received information from an individual login and password from me within 30 minutes after payment. Today is Saturday, a day off. I'm also a human being and can not be at your computer 24 hours a day))

Tatyana 21-01-2017 15:41
Welcome Olathe chat on the news, the payment was successful. And not any more notifications from you. I write I do not answer! Why do not you provide information?
Roma 21-01-2017 15:01
Thank you very much for the working signals! I managed to earn several thousand on them. 8 out of ten deals were completed. I trade with different brokers, but I like finmax more than others.
Reviewed №26 17-01-2017 18:54

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