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Dear traders! Especially on the site, I allocated a separate heading for the publication of reports of its trading days. I understand that you can endlessly talk, as to earn on forex / cfd / binary optionswhat strategies to use or signaling system. But all these are words, if they are not supported by real facts.

In the network from time to time there are "great traders" who promise gullible people huge earnings forex / cfd / binary options, without any effort and investment. I think you have often met headlines of this kind "1000 $ for 5 minutes", "Earnings 30000 $ per month and more" and so on. In most cases, these are scammers. And it is very unfortunate that after the bitter experience of trading with such "traders" there are negative and angry reviews about the market of binary options.

Therefore, I decided to publish reports and video reports of forex / cfd / binary options transactions, applying my own strategies and knowledge acquired over the years of trading in the binary options market. All of them are backed by screenshots from my trading profiles.

Earnings at Forex / cfd / binary options, what are the prospects?

You've heard about traders and earnings in the currency and stock exchanges? I am a girl-trader, and I am pleased to have such a rare representative of the fairer sex in this exclusive profession. Ask why options trading on the financial market? The answer is obvious, is the freedom and lack of boundaries in development. Here you do not have superiors and subordinates, and all in your hands, there is no limit. As for binary options as a tool, it is an innovation, is actively gaining momentum, and gives a huge opportunity.

What is a business plan?

I'll start with basic things, you probably heard about the theory of probability, that there lies the answer to all your questions. Popular Association, it's like tossing a coin, where 50 / 50 chances. To be in the black, it is necessary that the correct forecast for you get a little more than wrong. Options are a little different situation, which requires a strategy with more than 55-60% profitable trades. Make it quite feasible by studying at least the most basic provisions of the technical analysis. And then at the development is simply no limit.

As a result, we have a business where the main product and the idea represented by the expectation of your transactions with endless potential for growth and development.

A business idea based on forex / cfd / binary options is an opportunity that should not be missed. In this sphere you get unlimited prospects, the prestigious status of a participant, a trader in the financial market. In addition, a significant addition will be the freedom from the pressure of the office environment and superiors. I wish you success!