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Hello! My name is Anna Alexandrovna, and my profession is online trading and training in binary options, forex and CFD trading. I am the author of a unique course that will really help you start making serious amounts of money in binary options and forex. This is not a promise of an easy way to get rich. No matter what the "successful" Internet characters say to you, no one has yet managed to get a lot of money just like that, without making an effort and without having the necessary knowledge and skills. I do not promise you to get money "out of nowhere" - I will teach technical and fundamental analysis of the market and teach you how to make a profit!

Forex and Binary Options - Is It Very Easy? Is it possible to trade them only on a whim? Of course it is possible. However, your deposit will very soon become equal to zero, and you will not return the lost funds. Toreiding is not a "scam", not a lottery - it is a difficult art that needs a long learning curve. After completing my tutorial, you will be able to start trading applying a lot of useful information, working with your eyes and not at random. Your deposit will grow significantly, and you will never go broke!

Trading needs to be learned!

I, a person with a pedagogical education, understand the importance of studying in the life of every person. No, we are not talking about abstract knowledge that can not be useful in real life. Information that can not come in handy can be neglected - but one should never miss the opportunity to learn really useful knowledge, acquire skills that will help you find a profession and provide a comfortable life. Now it is necessary to study constantly: the professions acquired "once and for all" simply do not happen. If you want to withstand competition - constantly learn and do not miss the opportunity!

Everything that has been said is directly related to our topic. Again, you can't rely solely on luck here (or rather, you shouldn't rely on it at all!) You can start with a minimum deposit and win a large amount - but this will take a lot of time and effort, you need to undergo professional training. And in this I am ready to help you - a trader with vast practical experience.

My experience

I started doing Forex and online options trading in 2012. Then it seemed to me - probably just like you now - that it was elementary, and a couple of articles and training videos would be enough for me. I learned what to press, how to leverage, I learned how to buy, choose assets, time and amounts - and more, for a million! You just sit in your apartment in front of a computer and turn over such money that these professionals of yours never dreamed of!

The euphoria did not last long. I have drained the entire deposit. Very fast, downright indecently fast. What was my conclusion? That this is just another Internet wiring, that you need to tie it up as quickly as possible before you get hooked? No, I understood: trading is a serious occupation, for which you need to master financial literacy, master a huge amount of information. You need to analyze the market and carry out your actions, following the data of this analysis. You need to have an idea of ​​how the financial market works, what trading is. You need to know: there are many trading strategies, and be able to apply a specific strategy depending on the situation. In a word, forex is something that needs to be seriously studied. And I set myself such a goal!

Information on Binary Options and Forex: Then and Now

When I started working with binary options and forex (remember, it was in 2012), one might say that there were no Russian-language materials on the topic. Such trade, widespread all over the world, came to RuNet quite late and has not yet been advertised as a means of enrichment available to everyone. Good command of foreign languages ​​helped me: I downloaded articles and bought books, watched videos in English and other languages. Studying the experience of foreign traders helped me a lot: I learned all the necessary basic information on the issues I listed just above, I realized that I need to continue to master in order to navigate the topic.

And the result came - not once, but come! Of course, not without significant spending, but I have learned to close the transaction in the plus and eventually repulsed all costs, began steadily making. Now my trades are profitable in 72% of cases - it is a very solid indicator that allows to increase the income is stable. Do you want to surpass my achievements? Do you have a great chance - and it gives me a comprehensive course!

An integrated approach to trading

It is not in vain that I emphasize that my course of study is complex. I do not teach selective strategies - I help to fully master the profession of a trader. To do this, I use a variety of methods, namely:

  • Individual lessons. I spend them via Skype. On each of the next lesson, we will agree in advance, time and duration of the classes specified in each case.
  • Theoretical training... It is very easy to find articles and videos on the Internet about what forex and binary options are - but which ones are really useful? I'll give you links to trusted resources where you can get some good information.
  • Practical exercises. You will be able to watch my work, to ask questions in the chat to work together to trade, getting information in real "combat" conditions.
  • Access to trading advisors. I will provide you with access to the best programs that will help you analyze the situation and to give signals to the gold and currency pairs. Relying entirely on trade can not be automated, but the use of reliable data programs never hurts.

Why would you take a course?

  1. You master the basic knowledge - and you will conduct transactions not blindly, but with a sufficient understanding of what trading is in general, forex and options trading in particular.
  2. You You understand what technical and fundamental analysis - And learn how to use different strategies for conducting trades. Learn to understand the situations in which you need to resort to specific strategies.
  3. You - at first - be able to communicate with me chatting signals and simply duplicate my deal. Accordingly, you can win as much as I - as I recall, I carry out a successful transaction in 72 percent cases!
  4. You will be able to work directly with the two trading advisors, who will give valuable information, based on a complex analysis of the market.
  5. And most importantly - you will begin to consistently earn, and earn their own forces and their own minds!

Learning options and forex: independent work

Comprehensive training Binary Options

Any training will be truly effective only when the student will not just be to perform tasks, but also want to study the materials themselves. If my classes you will be a little - this is perfectly normal: it means that you want to go further and have a chance to become a really good trader. What can you advise such people?

  • Read the article posted on my website about mastering binary options and forex trading from scratch. Important questions are the choice of a broker, the choice of the deposit currency, verification, etc. - are presented there in the most accessible form.
  • Choose the most suitable for you broker - Again, having received the relevant information through my reviews.
  • Find out what “online chat signals” is. On my chat page you can watch a video from where you will learn how it works and how my traders get the most valuable practical information from me.
  • Understand how to work AdvisorsGiving signals to the gold and currency pairs.

Separately, I will bring two important tips:

  1. Read More specialized literature! For reference, I propose a list of the best books and articles. Among them there are also benefits, personally drafted me. In the list there are Russian-speaking, and translated materials as well as publications in English and other languages. Some publications are available for a fee (expenditure will pay off very quickly!), While others can be downloaded for free or read online.
  2. See more videos! There are many really useful videos about Forex and binary options in different languages. Videos provide the presentation of important information in the most accessible form - with visual diagrams, practical advice, the ability to see what the process of work looks like online. I recommend subscribing to my Youtube channel, where I give specific advice to my traders - current and future.

Want to get serious about online trading? Take my course, dive into the secrets of trading skills - and start making real money!

If you have any questions - feel free to write to me:

e-mail - binaroptioncom@yandex.ru

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