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Anna Alexandrovna

Anna A. trader

Hello! Let's get acquainted.

My name is Anna Alexandrovna. Behind two higher education: teacher of foreign languages ​​and economic manager. Once I worked at the university, but then discovered the binary options market. What inexpressibly glad)) I'm not a self-taught. I was fortunate to learn from a very intelligent speculator, who I'll introduce you to a little lower.

But the talent of the teacher decided not to throw, and therefore began to lead this website BinarOption.com. The site is primarily useful for beginners binary options. I published the basic strategies that apply itself to trade, as well as free indicators, and live graphics, which should be an excellent assistant on earnings. Base training articles will only grow.

Do not hesitate to write to me and ask questions, I always try to respond promptly to letters. As the saying goes: "Informed - is forearmed."

I work together with outstanding professionals with whom I always consult. Let me introduce them to you.


Corey Lane


Corey Lane is a trader, instructor-teacher of the Online Trading Academy. He always likes to repeat: "In trade, as in life, your thinking determines the results of the goals you have achieved." He has extensive experience in trading stocks and futures, but most of all is keen on the incredibly flexible and universal options market. As an instructor and instructor, he teaches his students to make a profit, depending on the state of the market (after all, clever people earn money on crises). Also notes that 99% of success in the market depends on risk management and reasonable capital management, "You need money management to Make money "(" You need to manage money to make money "). Widely applies the theory of trend and candles. Specializes in the markets of the USA and Canada. Currently resides and works in the US, California.


Alex Polansky


Alexey Polanski - Trader Forex market. I came in the online trade in 2001, after graduating from the University of specialization Business and Finance. With extensive experience, he has developed its own strategy, which helps him to earn, as long and short positions. He can talk for hours about trading currency pairs. I am convinced that the well-being - a way of thinking that can be learned, as well as trade skills.