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The book mainly provides an answer to the question: "Why choose options?". This is explained by the fact that the options - it's an investment that can meet the requirements of both investors and speculators. Trading on the market of Binary OptionsComparable with the lottery, a refund may reach 10000%. And it all begins with a minimal investment. Options can bring maximum revenue and be a means of insurance funds investors.

"A skillful player Optional" explains the differences from the other financial instruments: Gold, stocks and aktivov.Ved value of the option can be calculated mathematically.

In addition, you can learn about basic options strategies and their pricing.

Book's contents

  • Optional game
  • Winning strategies using discharge options
  • Trading commodity options? - Easy!
  • Secrets of professional options traders


Download [17,5Mb] (in Russian)


 Date of publication  2004
 Publisher  Institute for Options Research, Inc., Lake Tahoe, Nevada, 2004
 Language  Russian
 Genre  Exchange literature
 ISBN  0-9604914-4-9



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