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The book «101 secret options trading" treats trade options as one of the biggest games. And whether you're an investor to invest in shares or fixed-term contracts, or legal bookmaker taking bets role You choose and get in addition to earning more, and entertainment. The author noted that the trade binary options  can bring profit 1000%, projecting profitable strategy.

It often happens that a beginner starts trading options and, not knowing the market at a sufficient level, encounters various problems and becomes frustrated. This is due to unrealistic expectations and unwillingness to compete. Therefore, the book is replete with useful tips for trading traders in order to make a profit, whether you are a beginner or experienced in this area.

Book's contents

  • Preparing to play
  • Prediction game
  • Buying options
  • Selling options
  • Analysis of options
  • Spreding
  • Trading Tactics
  • Types of Trading
  • Ways of trading
  • Strong games


Download [4,36 Mb] (in Russian)

 Date of publication  2004
 Publisher  Institute for Options Research, Inc., Lake Tahoe, Nevada
 Language  Russian
 Genre  Exchange literature
 ISBN  0-9604914-4-9



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