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Many traders, in varying degrees, are familiar with the concept of percent optionsExpiring out of the money. But only a few are familiar with why they expire out of the money, what is the rate of interest, what is the benefit of sale option and why income is higher than the purchase futures or options. Well, it is quite a small percentage of traders use strategy option sale. And it happens because they fear a limited income and unlimited risk. But if you look on the other hand, the seller of options can make more profit and it depends on the number of traders buying.

The book "The Complete Guide to selling options" notes that this strategy is suitable for stable earnings from 30% to 70% per annum. Revenue will be confident and on a permanent basis.

Book's contents

  • Selling options - how and why it works
  • Sales strategy options and risk control
  • Analysis of the market and sale of options
  • Getting trade


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 Date of publication  2004
 Publisher  The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.
 Language  Russian
 Genre  Exchange literature
 ISBN  978-0-07-171367-2



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