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For ordinary people, are not traded on an exchange, such concepts as option or futures seem complex and confusing. Television basically shows us the image of traders, as young people in bright jackets, constantly shouting to each other, and it gives the economy to function smoothly.

This book will tell you about options and futures, their strategies in details. Their main principle is the delay in deliveries. The price of the goods in the future can be negotiated now. This is not a regular deal. The book will be of interest to a large circle of readers.

Book's contents

  • Introduction
  • Futures
  • Options
  • The basic principles of trade
  • Derivatives on commodity products
  • Commodity derivatives
  • Energy futures and options
  • Commodity futures and options


Download [328 KB]

 Date of publication  2012
 Publisher  -
 Language  Russian
 Genre  Course of lectures, Stock literature
 ISBN  -



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