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The book "Exchange secrets: options"Became a bestseller worldwide. The author tells us about the features of option trading, provides an important knowledge base for fruitful work in the finance market. After reading the book you will be able to carefully decide on investments, the option hedging strategies, develop a portfolio of investments in a balanced, analyze and predict financial market risks. The author shares his deep knowledge of the subject. The book is replete with practical tips that reveal secrets options trading strategies. Thanks to them, you will be able to succeed on the international financial market.

Book's contents

  • Call and put
  • Opening, closing, monitoring: how it works
  • Buying call options: a view through rose-colored glasses
  • Buying a put option: the positive side of pessimism
  • Selling a call option: favorable and profitable
  • Selecting assets: finding the right ingredients
  • Strategy in a volatile market: uncertainty, please contact the advantage
  • Selling a put option: a strategy often overlooked
  • Combined methods: a creative approach to risk management
  • Risk and taxes: the rules of the game
  • Glossary

Download [4,43 Mb] (in Russian)

Date of publication 2008
Publisher RUSICH
Language Russian
Genre Exchange literature
ISBN 978-5-8138-0867-8, 0-471-70712-0

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