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The book details will tell you all about Option Trading. This publication contains real-life examples and illustrations of trading on the international financial market.

It is safe to call the book "Mysteries and secrets of option trading" guide to the world of options. But be prepared that the material is not is very easy, despite its plain language. Just the fact that it is impossible to talk about options, their operation and use in trades consistently. Do not try to understand the issues at once and to the end. Be patient, complete the entire course and you will be able to navigate the binary options and their trading strategies.

Book's contents

  • Introduction to Options
  • That depends on the executing broker
  • Options as instruments of speculation and hedging
  • Options on commodity markets and the securities market
  • Mathematics of Options
  • Software tools and analysis
  • Position analysis: philosophy, principles and specific features
  • Specific options contracts
  • General principles of option strategies and management
  • Purchase option "Call"
  • Purchase option "Put"
  • Buying options with coefficients
  • Length control options
  • Sale option "Call"
  • Sale option "Put"
  • The writing of covered option "Call"
  • Covered option writing of "put"
  • Selling with coefficients
  • Management of short option positions
  • The simultaneous purchase call and put
  • Simultaneous sale of a call option Put
  • Synthetic short and long positions
  • Spreads
  • Other options strategies
  • Standard strategies and management
  • Sophisticated design options
  • Special products, or complex design options
  • Buying and Selling Volatility 


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 Date of publication  2001
 Publisher  Michael Chekulaev
 Language  Russian
 Genre  Exchange literature
 ISBN  5-93855-006-8



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