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Another book dedicated to Binary OptionsIn our book will tell you how you can earn through the buying and selling volatility. Michael Chekulaev, the author of numerous articles and books on the subject option trading, Acted as a scientific editor. The strategy of buying and selling volatility is suitable for advanced traders already willing to try new ways of using the assets and options contracts, ways that would increase the income from the stock exchange. Author of the textbook - Kevin Connolly - explained Trading Strategy available and easily without impacting the redundant formulas or complex mathematical methods.

Book's contents

  • Glossary of terms
  • Introduction to the concept of trade volatility
  • Overview of basic concepts
  • Price line of derivative financial instruments before the expiry
  • Just a long trading volatility
  • Short trade volatility
  • Using the option "put" to trade volatility
  • Controlling optional combinations
  • More complex aspects of trade volatility


Download [1,52 Mb]


 Date of publication  2006
 Publisher  IC "Analytics"
 Language  Russian
 Genre  Urgent Market Literature
 ISBN  5-93855-007-6



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