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Since April 1973 years before investors open new prospects to the opening of the options market.

The book "Options as a Strategic Investment" tells the story of options strategiesTheir use, situations and causes of their work. You will find useful information on purchase call and put, Advanced concepts that are relevant for experienced traders.

In addition to the most successful strategies, information is also provided on their options. Some of it may seem difficult to understand. But, having studied the basics of their functioning, you can easily understand all the subtleties and advantages. Information about the practical application of trading strategies, about comparison with other similar ones will be useful. This will help the trader to apply a particular strategy in various situations. The author also notes the difficulties of the work that lie in wait for traders in practical activity, gives practical advice on the complex application of strategies in trading. binary options.

Book's contents

  • The main properties of the stock options
  • Strategies for "call" options
  • Strategy to "put" options
  • Additional considerations
  • Index options and futures
  • Applications


Download [25,6 Mb] (in Russian)


 Date of publication  2003
 Publisher  Publishing house "Euro"
 Language  Russian
 Genre  Exchange literature
 ISBN  5-9900095-2-6, 0-13-636002-5



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