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Options are flexible derivative securities. It's kind of a great opportunity to earn more for investors. With the help of options speculators are able to take possession of a powerful financial leverage. For conservative investors - is the ability to hedge its portfolio and risk retention under control.

Novice speculators of options, the author of the book was guided primarily by you. The material is as clear and accessible as possible. Here you will not find any complex formulas or mathematical equations. But professional traders shouldn't discount this tutorial either. The book is an excellent guide to Binary Options Strategies.

For a successful trading portfolio should include different financial instruments and assets, regardless of their type and risks. After all, the main goal - is the maximum profit with minimal risk.

The book "options trading" will give you the knowledge to succeed trade binary options.

Book's contents

  • Introduction
  • Options "Call" and "Put"
  • Opening and closing of options positions. Tracking Market
  • Buying options "Call"
  • Buying options "Poot"
  • Selling options "Call"
  • The choice of the underlying shares
  • Selling options "Poot"
  • Combined strategy
  • Choosing a strategy
  • Glossary


Download 1 part [1,17 Mb] (in Russian)

Download 2 part [1,38 Mb] (in Russian)


 Date of publication  2001
 Publisher  Alpina
 Language  Russian
 Genre  Exchange literature
 ISBN  5-89684-016-0



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