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Books for forex / cfd / binary optionsBut is it worth?

Have you ever been in the sphere of high competition? And now think how competitive the competition is in trading. I ran into this, and I had to check it on my own money. Most come and want absolutely everything and immediately, they are told that everything is easy and simple, and they believe in their illusory genius. You certainly do not realize this, but there is a typical picture when you want to beat market professionals who have given tens of years of life to trading and take money from them, without having invested a single effort in reading at least a few books.

Do you know that there are books written by professional traders? To consider them useless is at least unreasonable, is not it? As a result, we receive a deposit of the deposit, perhaps not once, and only then we proceed to active reading. And now go down to earth, and here are the most useful books about forex / cfd / binary options and trading in this section.

In conclusion, I repeat - we read and once again read. Would a lawyer become a lawyer without reading the laws? Practice is important, but without the theory "she is blind," as the great general said. Let's be reasonable people and treat the forex / cfd / options trading seriously, and we will not continue to play roulette.