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What are trading advisors?

Forex trading / binary options in itself is not particularly difficult, but even simple work can be further facilitated. Using special programs, a trader gets rid of the need to independently analyze all the necessary information and determine which transactions are beneficial and which are not. It is possible to entrust a rough work to trading advisors for forex and binary options - and to bet on their signals!

Another important advantage of the advisers is the lack of what is commonly called the human factor. Forex trading and options are quite a gamble, and many people begin to be guided by emotions rather than by reason. They put unreasonably high sums, they want to get back faster in case of a loss (especially several losses in a row) - and lose very quickly. The adviser does not take into account the information on past transactions, it does not matter what's on your mind. He gives objective indicators - and because of this saves your deposit.

Free signals from trading advisers of forex and binary options
The percentage of profit 65-94%
Signals for currency pairs, gold, bitcoin

The advisor can work in an automatic mode - that is, not just give signals, but also independently execute transactions. Does this mean that you can transfer all the work to the machine, and most simply make a profit without doing anything? No - so you will lower the entire deposit in record time. No, even the most perfect program can not calculate the whole situation on the market, as it changes almost every second and depends too on many factors. Accordingly, you should only take into account the signals of advisors, always leaving behind a specific decision.

Many users are very wary of the need to install new programs. On this occasion, you can not worry: I'm not suggesting to download the program - I give online access to the robot, and from any device and at any time.

So, how to get access to free office advisers? This procedure is very simple. At the top of the page there is a registration form. Enter your data in the correct way, click on the register button. After that, the system will automatically create an account for you. By login (e-mail) and password, you will enter the office with trading advisors. 

Does this mean that access to the advisors can only get a beginner or the user of the above brokers? No, I provide this service to all traders. It does not matter at which broker you are trading. Signals are versatile and suitable for all platforms. 

How to work with advisors

So after going through all the stages, you as promised, get access to the signals on the currency pairs and gold in perpetuity. Using them, you can at least 24 hours a day, but only on weekdays. Saturday and Sunday - days including financial market.

Smoking is still the real benefit of trading robots? I often ask this, and I say the same thing: the use of large, but only if you use their services consciously and skillfully. And a free and paid access - this is not a guarantee of success: you have to work together. The robot that can fully perform the work for you, not yet invented, and is unlikely to ever be invented. Do not trust all the signals they are only of recommendation character, and you use them selectively.

The robots provided by me give the user signals for two types of assets: gold and currency pairs. When you get access to free helpers for forex and binary options, the following information will be available to you:

  • Online signals for transactions in the field of binary options and forex.
  • Theoretical information about the use of signals. The mechanism of their inspection.
  • For information about what time it is recommended to make transactions on signals advisers.
  • Videos containing information about trading with the help of robots.

What makes automatic trading advisor?

Advisor is not the most simple program with a lot of settings. It automatically and continuously conducts analysis of the financial market, looking for assets with the highest volatility index, as well as pronounced and only emerging trends. All information is processed and carefully analyzed - as a result, the most stable trends are determined. Information about a strong trend is converted into a signal: the user receives a message that is accompanied by a certain sound. In the window of the adviser there is information about the asset (for example, a currency pair), as well as an arrow indicating the direction of the trend (to increase or decrease).

How should we believe these signals? In 100 percent - it is impossible in principle. However, in most cases, the adviser gives reliable information: the percentage of profit does not fall below 65 and can reach up to 93-94! Close to plus transactions 9 10 from - this can only dream of!

Who can use the services of robots? All traders, but especially recommended for beginners. If an experienced professional can analyze the market almost as much as the machine, the newcomer, has not yet developed its own strategy, has not yet mastered the basic information, be able to keep your deposit it with the help of robots.

Specific guidelines for working with robots, you get only by becoming a customer cabinet trading robots. However, there are general guidelines, which I will share with you here.

  1. The deal about forex and binary options largely depends on economic news - programs take them into account. The time of news, including their announcement, you can learn from the rubric NEWS on that website. Trading advisors will not give signals to an unsafe time. Function set "stop-loss".
  2. You can’t start right away with real trading for real money: practice on a demo account. Access to a demo account is provided by many brokers. In addition, you can practice trading for the most minimal amounts - 1 dollar.
  3. Use Live schedule will never forget about it. If the information Live schedule signals and robots contradict each other, it is necessary to refrain from transactions. How to check the signals, you know, having access to the office.

Do you want to get free access to reliable signals? Want to trade from your computer and your phone, tablet and laptop, being in all places? Do what I suggest - and get valuable assistance in the trade!